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Written Testimonials: reviews from actual Reliance First Capital customers who sent in letters, emails, posted online reviews, and/or completed Funded Loan surveys:

Betty P. - PA

My husband and I are so grateful that we had the pleasure to work with Austin Clayton, I have never dealt with a professional person as he was to us. He was so pleasant , guided us through every process, that we needed to complete before the loan would go through, and then get the appraisal done, he was there for every step, we have never had a person like Austin to help us like he did, he worked so hard on our account, even if we had any question after closing during the week, and on weekends he was there, amazing personality. We just wanted to voice our appreciation for Austin Clayton, and to let you all know, what kind of a Mortgage Analyst you have working for you.. My husband and I would defiantly recommend Austin and Reliance First Capital. Again, thank you Austin, you’re the best…

Donald S. - MA

I would like to express my appreciation for working with Donna Titone as my primary point of contact through my recent refinancing with Reliance First Capital. Donna is a consummate professional who was of great assistance throughout the process. She possesses what I call real-time communications skills and dedication, always available, on-point and very responsive. As with most refinancing processes, there were myriad underwriting demands and information corrections and research items along the way. Despite any administrative challenges, Donna was always straight forward, knowledgeable and focused on a successful outcome. When I became frustrated with multiple underwriting requests and near ready to pull the plug, she was encouraging and assisted in keeping things on track. I would recommend her without reservation to others, and am confident she will build a strong career with your or any organization.

Derrick P. - SC

Amanda was AMAZING! She was there 100% of the time for me. I could literally email her in the evening and she would still respond. She helped me decide what I wanted to do and then she made it happen. She helped me get where I needed to be and in the end closed on my loan on time and for my dream home. I couldn't be happier with the results. Amanda made the whole process better. I really couldn't have asked for a better lender and am so lucky to have had her. If you get the chance to work with her, please do. You won't regret it. We had an amazing experience with Reliance First Capital. We went on Lendingtree.com, looking for some information. Amanda Leigh Mowbray contacted us through that. She was amazing from start to finish. She helped us decide what we actually wanted to do, then when we decided, she helped us every step of that way. Reliance First Capital's whole team was amazing. Always available to answer questions and relieve concerns. I can't praise them and especially Amanda enough! I was very happy with the outcome. We closed on time and had no issues. I would highly recommend using Reliance First Capital for all your financing needs. You won't be sorry. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Roni S. - PA

Excellent service I was stuck since 2008 without ability to refinance my mortgage I really appreciate your service you did give me a lot of freedom in my life I would recommend your name to other people who are looking for mortgage. I want to say thank you to Reliance First Capital and the most to say thank you Vic who did an on believable positive job it doesn’t matter if the client was misunderstanding he explain and gave all the detailed information included the last piece of the puzzle for the customer to understand the pursuit some people meant to do professional job like this in one of them definitely is Vic Johnson thank you very much

Ellen G. - AL

Wonderful Staff. I recently refinanced my home and purchased a beach house using Reliance First Capital. Working with such friendly, professional and hard working staff they processed my loans with amazing speed and made the entire process easy. This company had a wonderful staff that will make you feel like family! (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Roderick D. - TX

Reliance First Capital is a company that puts the customer first.. You're not just a number but you become part of the family. Threw the process they will be transparent threw the process and will give you the best options to fit your current situation. The team is well grounded in their field of knowledge and looking to make sure you the customer is satisfied with your final decision. Quality is better than quantity and this team understands that concept in business. Thanks guys. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

William S. - NC

I want to especially Thank Roman Osipov for his outstanding knowledge and dedication. He pressed forward against all odds. This was a unique situation because we inherited and home that was under a bad mortgage with a very unprofessional company. Reliance First Capital changed our family lives and Roman believed in us. Most companies and loan officers would had gave up. We’re so happy with the way Roman and Reliance First Capital handled our situation. We will spread the word on this outstanding company. There were times when I wanted to give up but Roman and Reliance First Capital gave me the confidence not give up. Out of all the financial institution I’ve dealt with, this is my best experience. Me and my family want to thank Roman and Reliance First Capital for a job beyond excellent. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Mandy A. - NH

The BEST mortgage experience EVER! Scott Carlin FTW. He was more like a good friend than a loan officer. Scott went above and beyond. I have never experienced this level of customer service in my life. Never have I ever experienced such hard work and commitment from a mortgage company. Scott Carlin said something, Scott Carlin made it happen. He kept in touch with me the entire way. This guy works hard for you! (as posted on LendingTree.com)

John H. - CT

Sorry for the tardiness of my note, but I've finally returned from the road and have a moment to clearly focus on expressing my gratitude for your commitment to my needs and your service. Certainly, I don't believe anyone involved thought the process would have lasted from the end of September to its conclusion in January, but I am most appreciative of your guidance and support to navigate all the twists and turns along the way. Most notable was your ability to help keep the momentum behind my application and to anticipate informational needs and challenges before they became a reality. Also, recognizing the complex and somewhat fragile nature of my personal and professional profile, I could only imagine the significant, behind the scenes effort you and your team applied to bring this loan through closing. While being faithful to goal of securing the loan, your professional disposition was unwaveringly positive and upbeat every step of the way. Without your dedication to champion my cause, I can't honestly believe that it would have happened otherwise. Alex, without hesitation I am pleased to recommend you and Reliance First Capital. To this end under separate cover, I will offer you a list of colleagues that could become prospects for you. Conversely, if there is anything I can do to be of service to you and your team, please don't hesitate to ask.

Melvin B. - NC

Everything went above my expectations. Henry was great to work with, he worked so very hard for us. Also, we called Nakia our Angel, she worked so hard at getting everything to make a timely closing These are Great people I would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to all my friends that are looking for financing or refinancing Thank you both Henry and Nakia Please feel free to use us as a testimony of a great experience if anyone is not certain about using Reliance First Capital!

Aleksey M. - PA

My experience was great. Kelly helped me out a great deal in this matter. I have no complaints and would recommend her services in this matter to anyone else in a similar situation. Thoughts on Reliance First Capital: Great experience! Very smooth transition. Everything has gone the way I had hoped. Overall, have no complaints. Hope things like this continue in any future transactions. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

John H. - CT

Please accept my note of thanks and praise for the good work you and your team (Alex and Nick especially) afforded me to close my loan last month. From the many after hours calls to the detailed nature of overseeing the application process, I was most impressed by your dedication and sincere desire to satisfy my needs and get the deal completed. Recognizing that my application probably had an uncommon degree of complexity, it's quality provided an opportunity for Reliance First Capital to shine...and it did. Thanks so very much!

Irina G. - NY

From the initial contact until our loan was funded, Ritu maintained constant communication. She tailored our loan to our specific needs and helped to overcome a few challenges. She is a great communicator, possesses amazing interpersonal skills, knows how to listen, and is very knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase or refinance. Nicholas, What can I say? Sharp, to the point, communicates promptly, explains everything well. I can tell that Nicholas is always on top of things. He made it easy to provide all necessary documents by clearly explaining everything, and in a timely manner. This helped to close this loan ahead of time. Both, Ritu and Nick, would go the extra mile to make the process smooth, and quick. In the past, we tried to refinance with [another lender] - unsuccessfully. Without going into details, I can tell you that comparing our experience with Reliance First Capital to that of the other lender is like comparing day and night. Great job, guys! We are very impressed. Needless to say, I will be recommending Reliance First Capital, and specifically Ritu to anyone who I may learn is looking to get a mortgage.

Stephen H. - MD

For those of you who are looking to secure a new mortgage or refinance an existing property, or any other financial need, let me tell you about a breath of fresh air, Ryan Kearney, Licensed Mortgage Analyst for Reliance First Capitol. When my wife and I were first looking to refinance our property, Ryan worked with us in looking through many options. When we decided to sell and purchase another home, we called upon Ryan to assist. His knowledge of the industry was fantastic and his promptness and follow through was outstanding during the entire process. He kept us informed daily on each step right up to our closing. His friendly attitude and insight made the lending experience a real joy to the point that we consider Ryan a friend that I’d highly recommend for your financial needs. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Matthew B. - PA

I had a great experience with Reliance First Capital. They were easy to work with and walked us through the process step by step. They stayed on me when that was needed to in order to keep the process moving. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Zina B. - TX

Shaun Brown was fantastic! He was patient and waited for the best loan for us even though we could have qualified for another loan immediately, it wasn't the best option and with a little patience something better was available. Shaun was patient and worked with me over the long term to do what was best to get the best loan instead of closing a loan quickly to close the deal. I can't say enough positive things about him, he really stuck with me through this process. Shaun is excellent!!!! (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Margaret M. - NJ

My experience with Reliance First Capital was awesome due largely to the dedicated, professional services provided by my Mortgage Analyst Ritu Sethi. She was absolutely amazing to work with. She was extremely responsive to my needs and goals and joyfully assisted me through every step of the process. She utilized her experience, talents and resources to increase my credit score and secure me a great rate on my refi. I can’t image a better person to work with through this process. I highly recommend Reliance First Capital. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Donna H. - NC

Regan was awesome! He was patient with all my questions and helped me to understand everything from start to finish. He offered options that best fit my needs and let me take the time to make my decision; never being pushy. I would recommend Regan to anyone. I was very hesitant to go to lending tree to find the right company to refinance my house; as we all know; it can be very overwhelming. As soon as I hit the send button, the calls starting coming in. Instead of answering them all I just let everyone leave a message. The following morning, I listened to a voicemail I received from Regan Rutledge at Reliance First Capital. He left a message that wasn't over the top "sales", he seemed down to earth and friendly so I decided he would be my first call back. Thankfully he said all the right things and explained everything to me in terms I could understand. Regan was never demanding and let me take my time making my decision. Once the process was started it was very easy with limited paperwork. He talked me through everything and offered more than one option to best fit my needs. I honestly can't say enough about Regan and all that he did. It was a very fast, easy and pleasant experience that I was truly dreading! I will definitely recommend Regan Rutledge to anyone looking for help with their mortgage. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Linda L. - PA

I chose to work with Kristen Venning because she seemed genuine as a person who was really wanting to help. I am so happy that I made that decision. She is heaven sent. I am out from under HELOC that's rate increased, I was making monthly payments without much progress. I have paid off my outstanding bills, have savings, a locked rate refinanced VA loan thanks to her. Always helpful, encouraging, readily available for my million questions. She earned my trust. I have already recommended her. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Chris C. - NY

Great service. Donna was extremely helpful and responsive. I had a lot of questions and concerns and she was able to go over them with me multiple times...even though some of the questions I had were repeated, she still had the patience to explain them to me calmly and efficiently. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Saphie K. - NJ

Job well done. I was turned down by another bank for a refinance loan, but Ceren worked hard to help secure my loan. She was in constant contact with me, and I did not get passed on from one loan officer to another. I dealt with her from start to finish, and she was willing to answer questions that I had about the refinancing process. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Jennifer D. - AZ

Teddy was great from day one. He explained everything to Us and was very patient with us throughout the whole process. We had numerous questions and he was always available for us anytime. This was a very smooth process. I don’t know anyone right now but I will definitely recommend you to anybody that I hear of that needs assistance!!

Malena and Kenneth B. - AL

Mary was exceptional and very knowledgeable of her work. She was very courteous and informative about the info that I was concerned about and if she didn't know she would get an answer from her supervisor. Thanks again for your exceptional service!!!!

David F. - ME

Brian was fabulous to work with. He took the time to answer our questions and was always diligent about following up when necessary. Brian walked us through this process and managed any little issues that came up. When we first inquired about a loan, we received a barrage of calls and emails. Brian was appropriately persistent. When we talked with Brian, he gave us a sense of confidence that we very much enjoyed. He tended to our needs with courtesy and poise, took the extra time to explain the nuances of a VA loan and never made us feel like we were a bother or "just another customer". Thank you, Brian. We really appreciate you helping us manage an otherwise arduous process.

Michael O. - ME

Alyssa was most professional, wicked intelligent, personable, and a sheer delight to work with. I would and will strongly recommend Alyssa and Reliance First Capital to my friends now and in the future. At the time Alyssa contacted us because of my low interest rate I had no intention of refinancing even though money was quite tight. After talking and mostly listening to Alyssa Archer I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alyssa took care of everything for me minus some paperwork I had to provide. Alyssa contacted me daily explaining where Reliance First Capital was in the process. if I had any questions after Alyssa working hours at Reliance were over, Alyssa, provided me with her own personal telephone number in order, if needed, to get in touch with her. it did not happen often though there were times I wanted to talk to her regarding our loan. in short Alyssa was available to me/us 24/7 until the loan was completed and the entire process took less than a month.

Rebecca C. - VA

Casey was absolutely amazing! He constantly went above and beyond to help us. While he was out of the office due to an injury he stayed in constant touch even giving us his personal cell phone number to call/text him as we needed. Our only negative experience was the appraisal. Casey was WONDERFUL! My husband is a vice president and banking manager, anyone he cannot help he is referring to Casey.

Dolores S. - DE

Henry was with us from the beginning to the end of our Mortgage. Our mortgage process took about a year to complete and Henry never gave up nor did he allow us to give up, however, there were times when we did not think the mortgage was going to go through, but Henry always gave us hope. We have peace of mind that our old Mortgage company is behind us and we have a bright future due to Reliance First Capital and Henry Meyers and his entire team. Our loan processor was the best of the best. Ms. Martinez was also with us at the end and was able to help when we wanted to give up. Once again I would trust Reliance First Capital First Capital with my love ones and friends. Thank you.

William S. - VA

Barbara kept me well informed on the paperwork I needed to turn in and what she has received. She made the process comfortable for me to endure over the length of time it took to process my paperwork. Responding back to my questions as soon as she receive didn't have to wait long for an response.

Darwin B. - AZ

Teddy is an exceptional leader and or customer service provider. He took me through the process and calmed my fears from the beginning of the process till the end and didn't miss a beat "My Man" He was through and Professional at all times and made me feel at ease as if we have known one another for years. Also I'd like to give my Talon her props, as someone who has great character and professional no how I couldn't of completed this also with her expertise and knowledge. I thank the duo for their support and wish the best to them both!

Evelyn S. - OH

Yana was very helpful and informative, very professional. Yana made my experience less stressful, she was kind in dealing with me, Thanks Yana. I will be sending referrals to Yana and Reliance First Capital, Thanks Guys.

Johnny M. - NY

Donna is the best in the business . Working with Donna on my refinance was made so easy with her professionalism , her business savvy, and her over the top customer service . Donna made sure to answer every question we had , she was available at all times , and was very personable to everything we needed , to achieve our refinance . Donna takes the time to know you , to find out your immediate needs , and your future plans , and she directs you to the best possible outcome , to help achieve your needs . I highly recommend Donna for all your mortgage needs. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Anje H. - MD

I have worked with Chad Spencer for a few years now and he is absolutely wonderful. Always professional, very responsive, and very knowledgeable of his job. I will use Chad in the future for home loans and would recommend him to anyone. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Clara S. - VA

I highly recommend this mortgage company, this is my second time refinancing with them. Ashley Fisher was responsive, intelligent and tried to get the best mortgage deal for me. Quick turnaround time and top notch. Excellent loan officer, excellent service. Top notch, responds immediately. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Michelle D. - NY

Highly recommended! My wife and I are first time homebuyers and I would not have wanted to through the mortgage process with anyone else! Donna made the process enjoyable for us and was always there when we had any questions or concerns. We would highly recommend her!. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Nayibe C. - NY

Erick and Tammy were Great to work with. I was very skeptical when I was first approached by Reliance First Capital. After speaking with Erick Cifuentes we felt we were in good hands. He helped us to improve and clean our credit first in order to qualify us for a better program. Then he listened to our financial goals and needs and he customized a program that Saved us over $750 per month, Reduced our rate by over 2 points and gave us some cash that we needed to do some home improvements around the house. He always returned our calls right away and he was with us every step of the process. He made us feel very comfortable and informed. I am giving Reliance First Capital information to all my friends and family.

Mark O. - VA

Danny was AWESOME. I was inquiring about a VA refinance, within the first 30 seconds, Danny thanked me for my service to the country. He walked us through the process step by step and answered our many questions. The process was a breeze. I highly recommend Danny and his team to anyone. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Carla H. - KY

Great experience and will tell friends and family about you. Thanks so much for everything.

Bailey A. - PA

Ryan went above and beyond in every way. He rarely had to return calls because he always called us before we could have a question or concern. He kept us informed and involved in every step and explained everything in a way we could easily understand.

Othello S. - DE

All the representatives I dealt with were polite and informative. By the second time I spoke with Steve Revalee I felt as though we had been friends for years. I also had dealings with Michael who was very polite and respectful. I would recommend Reliance First Capital to any of my friends that are looking for a loan or refinance. (as posted on LendingTree.com)

Misty H. - AR

Shaun went well beyond my expectations . I would strongly Recommend Shaun to anybody that needs refinancing . I would give him a 10 out of 10 . Exceptional service and always kept me informed , even by Calling or texting from his cell phone I'm assuming on his day off and by telling me if any questions on his weekend to call him on his cell phone . Great job Shaun keep up the great work .

Ricky E. - MD

Your loan process is refreshing and need no improvement. Christopher, Thomas and his colleagues did a great job to help and all are exceptionally good in what they do. Chris made me believe there is hope for everyone looking to re-finance or buy a house in your company.

Pamela W. - IN

Everyone I worked with on my refinancing bent over backwards to get my loan closed. Some unexpected obstacles developed and they hung in there and dealt with them professionally and expediently. I was very pleased with how it all worked out. Daniel was absolutely terrific! He communicated frequently so I always knew where things stood. He was friendly and knowledgeable, always helpful. Great guy! (as posted on LendingTree.com)




John M. - CT

Jason and Tammy both returned calls and we're extremely diligent in the entire process. They both worked 24/7 on this loan. Definitely will use Reliance First Capital and Jason again if the need arises.

Robert S. - OH

It would be difficult to improve on the strong teamwork and customer service provided to me by Reliance First Capital. Thomas, from the start, provided hope and encouragement. I was skeptical at the start and limited in my understanding of the many ways we could have proceeded. Thomas listened to my concerns and answered my questions. A great company which works hard to navigate the many paths to securing a loan and financing for the buyer.

Henry P. - NJ

John Spellman; So polite but knowledgeable, personable, hospitable. I loved working with him. He made the home purchasing process very tolerable. He was very good about follow through on paperwork; took away my concerns of failure of any kind.

Rosalyn and Derrell J. - FL

I think the entire process was easy and well handled. Chad Spencer did an outstanding job. He walked us through and help resolve any and all problems we came across. Mr. Spencer should be given more than just a pat on the back. We have tried to get this done (refi) on three different occasions and were unsuccessful. Not only did he help us get it down but when we ran into problems he helped us resolve them. Chad made sure we understood everything and help us with any problem that occurred. Continue to what you have been doing. Great Job.

Oran S. - PA

Alicia is a wonderful person to work with. She explained things to me and was a delightful person on the phone. I would recommend her to anyone who has to refinance. Kristen was also very nice and helped me understand what every step of this procedure was. Thank You both!!!! At this time I don't know of anyone but when and if I do hear of anyone without hesitation I will refer them to you. Thank you so much!!!!

Debra M. - OH

Ben was prompt and the very first to contact me from my inquiry on lending tree. His customer service is excellent/Superior, he listened to what I wanted and delivered the end results with several options for me to choose and very little effort on my part which was very nice I might add. (as posted on LendingTree.com)


Bernard M. - MD

Bradley was behind me 100%. The service was fantastic. I don't know what else you guys can improve. Brad explained every detail step by step. Working with him I truly learned a lot and he made me so at ease. Thanks Brad. I went into my [previous lender] account today I noticed that the mortgage portion was totally gone so no more phone calls from them. Thanks to Bradley for the smooth progress of this home refi loan. I truly appreciate all your hard work in helping me gain a fix loan and the lowing of my monthly mortgage payments. Thanks Brad I will never forget what you have done for me and my family.


Barbara P. - NC

Breanna was a joy to work with. She was patient and concerned and was able to give me answers to all my concerns.




Karen L. - DE

Corey Johnson - great customer service.




Jerry P. - IN

Daniel will work hard to get you a loan or a refinance. When I lost all hope he kept on top of things. When it looked hopeless he reassured me that it was going to happen and sure as heck it happen. Great job Daniel.




Peter F. - CT

Darien he helped me through everything helped me get me to my credit score that I needed anytime I did not understand something he walked me through everything and he made me feel like we were friends he made it very comfortable.


Barbara L. - CT

Darien Nulick provided exceptional customer service and was it an absolute pleasure to deal with. Darien is a highest caliber employee in our opinion. Thank you Darien Nulick for a wonderful experience in refinancing our mortgage.




Cedric J. - LA

Deloise was the best Mortgage Analyst I've had the pleasure of doing business with. She explained how I could improve my credit and pay off my other debts faster. This was my best experience since I've had a mortgage. I had bad experience with my previous mortgage. I like the convenience of not leaving my home. Thanks.




Michal P. - NY

Thank you for all of your help! Great follow up. Thanks Desiree! (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Galina C. - NY

Donna Titone as our agent. She was terrific. Our closing came in a very timely fashion. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Thomas H. - FL

Reliance First Capital team did a great job on my refinance. My loan office Hodge and his manager Ed handled my loan process with care and professionalism. Ed was helpful with my loan. Answered my questions and concerns. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




James L. - MD

I don't know of anyone at present but I will SURELY recommend you and company when I do come across someone. Everything was great and you, in particular, were wonderful to work with. I will keep my ears open in the neighborhood, as well as friends, and will send them along to you. Our appraisal and closing experiences were outstanding... Good competent and friendly people that understood our situation. Thanks again and I hope I can send you clients in the future,




Maryann I. - NJ

The entire VA mortgage application process went flawlessly thanks to John! Not only is John professional and knowledgeable about VA loans, but provided all requirements and details in a timely manner which resulted in a streamlined process! John and his underwriters pre-approved me immediately upon receipt of the required documents and we were off looking for our new home. We had a few hiccups here and there with the original short sale we were trying to buy, but John didn't skip a beat when we informed him that we found an entirely new home to purchase. John's flexibility and constant communication resulted in zero surprises. John genuinely cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to ensure they are happy. John is a role model in his industry and highly, highly recommend.




Thomas C. - NY

John Spellman was very attentive and thorough. Everything went smooth and there were no surprises. Would definitely do business with them again. Very competent, attentive and thorough. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Jason B. - PA

I felt Kim did an excellent job with us, I don't see any need for improvement. Kim was very professional, she always replied to my questions and I appreciate everything she did for us.




Annette H. - LA

Leslie and Donna's patience, explanations, and walk thru of the process made for a pleasant experience.




Regina S. - NC

Leslie Nicolas is one of the best agents on the planet. She help me with a difficult home land package when no other agent would(I tried several). She gives more than 100% of her time and effort. She stuck with me thru the entire day process and she made me feel like a friend. I would recommend this agent to anyone. Though all of my ups and downs tears and laughter Leslie remained the same. When one door would close for me she would open another. For me she was a godsend and has become my new hero. I cannot thank her enough Thank you. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Richard J. - SC

My husband and I think you all are doing an awesome job. Lisa kept her word about everything she told me about the loan she also kept me up with a phone call each time to keep me inform with what was going on.




Kyle M. - NY

I was very pleased with the service that Lisa Podorson Provided. when the interest rates looked like they were going to go up she locked me in just to be safe; I am happy with her services. I have nothing but good things to say about Lisa. She made the loan process go very smooth. She helped me understand and close in a timely manner. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Sampson M. - VA

Lisa did a good job putting the loan together. She did a good job, keep up the good work.




Lisa H. - NY

Matt and Chris were fantastic to deal with. Matt had to take over when Chris wasn't available and he went above and beyond in dealing with any concerns that we had throughout the remaining process..




Kimberly M. - VA

My situation was unique yet Reliance First Capital found a solution that was right for me. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Verdia O. - AL

Very Knowledgeable Employee Ms. Horne was very knowledgeable of her job, very helpful to me in explaining all options of Refinancing my home so that I could select the best one for me. I do appreciate her assistance in informing me of the service Reliance First Capital offers. Thank you Ms. Horne a job well done, I look forward to working with you in refinancing and closing. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Denise L. - MD

Please keep up the good work. The service was awesome. Regan was awesome to work with. He provided incredible customer service.




Mark S. - NY

Ritu was awesome!




Jorge F. - NY

Dealing with Mr. Lawrence was extremely pleasant. He was so extremely knowledgeable about refinancing and consolidating some bills. Every conversation was productive. If he didn't know an answer which was not often, he made sure he sought the correct facts from the appropriate team member. When we had a few setbacks with obtaining the proper documents, he never panicked or made us panic. He returned calls, emails promptly. He always made sure that whatever information he was relaying to us that both myself and my husband were in on the conversation. Which usually meant calling us when we were home from work. Which was so greatly appreciated. Our dealings with Mr. Lawrence and every team member at Reliance First Capital was great (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Richard A. - PA

Ryan went above the call of duty. Because of him I will be back again and I told my friends and family about Ryan and Reliance First Capital.




Yvonne C. - MD

Ryan was very pleasant. Kept me informed at every stage. Very knowledgeable. Delivered everything that he promised. Answered all my questions in a calm, cool and rational manner. Returned all my calls on time. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Delores B. - NY

Sabra Lane was very attentive and detailed regarding the refinance of our loan. She really stuck her neck on the line helping to resolve a few roadblocks we encountered along the way. I would highly recommend Ms. Lane and her professionalism. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Mariella R. - DE

Sabra Lane was our loan originator, and she is very professional and responsive, as well as patient. We did a HARP refinance, with subordination of a HELOC we already had in place. It caused her more work, but she didn't complain, and I talked rate and fees with her many times to be sure the rate, along with settlement costs, were the best possible for our situation. I would not hesitate to recommend her and Reliance First Capital. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Teri C. - TX

Even with a few hiccups this was a good experience. Sean and his team worked hard to make my refi do what I needed it to, kept my same mortgage payment but dropped me from a 30 year to a 15 year. I am very appreciative. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




James G. - AL

Sharon did a great job.




David L. - AL

Sharon and Lauren were great they walked me through the process with patience. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Denise B. - NC

Steven Anthony Bruefach was the best ever! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him before you asked anyone else. He walked me through the process---- step by step--- AND when I had no idea where to start. His communication with me daily assured me that he was working to get the impossible done. Just brilliant! (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Jennifer B. - NY

Steve was always available to answer our questions and guide us through the process no matter what time of day it was.




Andrew S. - NY

Steve was excellent! He worked very hard to insure that I got the best loan available. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Calandria C. - TN

Steven was absolutely amazing. This is a man that truly loves what he does and he works hard to help someone become more financially free. He is very responsive and he makes himself readily available to answer any questions you may have. He is by far the best loan officer I have ever dealt with. His passion to help people is definitely in his heart. Great guy! From the very first call I received from this company, I knew this was the company for me. I refinanced my home and the process couldn't have went any smoother. Steve and Lynda were absolutely amazing at meeting all my refinance needs. They were easy to work with and they really worked hard to get me in a better financial state. I refinanced to consolidate my credit card debt. I am happy to say that I am headed into financial freedom and I couldn't have did it without Reliance First Capital. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone! (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Cassandra W. - NC

I am extremely pleased with the entire process Toi Meade kept me informed and explained to me all of my possible refinance options. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, and was available whenever I had additional questions.




Charles T. - AL

My mortgage care specialist was Tracy Sonney. She made the refinance quick and painless. It is 2017, and if you didn't get your home refinanced for less than 3% APR for 15 years or less, then do it now before rates go up. Tracy helped us save over $60k with the new rates, and we paid off some credit card debt as well as my wife's car. Reliance First Capital must be a good company because Tracy's customer service was top notch. She was always courteous and prompt when we had questions, and completed the refi in as short a time as possible. Approximately 5 weeks from start to end. I probably sound like an advertisement for Tracy, and that is because we were really impressed. Reliance First Capital, you have a great employee. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Kelly B. - NC

Tracey was an excellent loan officer to work with, she was efficient and on top of all the issues to make our experience a pleasant one. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Mary W. - NH

Vincent Drnach listened to our financial needs. Found the right program for us and exceeded our expectations by helping with a credit report issue that our bank needed to resolve. He worked around our difficult schedules to speak with us frequently so we always knew where we stood in the process. Excellent service.




Daniel R. - PA

Vincent has been the most professional, personal able, knowledgeable, caring Mortgage Analyst we have ever had the pleasure of working within our 45 years of marriage. He has gone above and beyond what we anticipated anyone would in making our loan process easy, as easy as it could be with it being a VA loan. Vincent was always, always available by phone, email or texting with prompt responses.




Priscilla B. - OH

Yana was able to meet me at a time convenient for me.




Robert C. - TN

Allison very courteous extremely patient with me and very helpful and understanding when I was having difficulty on my computer I'm not very computer savvy she is very professional.




Cindy B. - TN

Everything went smooth and it was a pleasant experience. Allison provided exceptional service to me and my needs. She was very professional. Always kept me informed on everything. I would for sure recommend Reliance First Capital to others. It was an easy and good experience for me.




Barbara M. - TN

It was a great experience with Amanda Mowbray I wouldn't recommend friends and family to her. She is very professional and gets the job done I think God for placing such a wonderful person in my life to refinance my home. She gets the job done,




Robert D. - NC

Amanda was a joy to business with.




Monique B. - TX

Amanda Mowbray - very courteous and knowledgeable...she gave me great suggestions on how to increase my credit score...thanks awesome!!!


Jennifer L. - TN

Amanda is very professional and communicates with you very well as well as return phone calls. That's what I really like about. Mrs. Mowbray does her job and I would recommend people to call her at Reliance First Capital....




Rhonda M. - OH

Ashley Fisher was great from first time I talked with her, over the last month and a half answered all of my questions and returned my phone calls promptly. She is a keeper at your company, also Ed Bailey was there when Ashley wasn't, does know his job and is very professional.




OH - Debra M

Ben Michaux (he was the first person to phone/email me from lending tree inquiry; very friendly and personable; he took the time to listen/and he delivered; filled out the paperwork (all but signing) for me so I didn't have too, can't tell you after a long stressful day how much that means! He's a keeper - pay the man!




Michael E. - AZ

Despite the major hurdles placed by external third parties and my busy schedule, Brian and Rasool maintained communication and especially patience!! Very, very professional!!




Laura C. - TN

Promote Chad, he was committed and kept me in the loop. Every time there was an update regarding my loan, I knew about it.




James A. - MS

Cheryl was a super nice down to earth really special lady that's good at her job. Everything went smooth




Tom W. - MS

Christine was working with us and she was amazing. Very professional yet friendly and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to refinance. Lauren worked with us at the end of the process. She was also very professional and friendly. Both ladies did a tremendous job through the whole process.




Ruth H. - MD

David went above and beyond. I had many calls from mortgage companies but David talked and I listened for some reason. Don't know how this person could have been more helpful. Also Shannon, just worked with her on a couple of things, but she was very helpful.




John R. - NY

It was great, the follow-up was exceptional, I am very happy.




Sharon M. - DE

We had a wonderful experience with Reliance First Capital. Henry Myers was the best person to work with. Our mortgage company gave us and him so much runaround but he got through it all. I would highly recommend this company over anyone else in lending tree. 5 stars here.




James C. - OH

Jessica did a great job for me and never gave up. Went way beyond my expectations, and will miss her positive vibe. Great example of a quality employee. Please treat her like you don't want to lose her.




Tracey H. - PA

Ed was always on the ball, gave us top notch service.




Donna C. - NC

Ed was an absolute angel in street clothes!




Robert M. - NC

Josh did an excellent job.




John G. - NJ

Kimberly felt like she was a great friend. She returned every call, answered every question, and made the process so easy we should have done it sooner. I can't say enough positive about her. Also Kristen Kane was great to work with. She also was on the ball with quick responses to any questions. Thanks for making life easier and better. We will refer Reliance First Capital and Kimberly to everyone.




John G. - NJ

I felt like Kimberly was a great friend. She returned every call, answered every question, and made the process so easy we should have done it sooner. I can't say enough positive about her. Also Kristen Kane was great to work with. She also was on the ball with quick responses to any questions. Thanks for making life easier and better. We will refer Reliance First Capital and Kimberly to everyone.




Belinda S. - NC

I wish to commend your loan officer Leslie and say thank you for the way she handled my refinance. She was courteous and friendly. Her calm and patient manner was a great help when my frustration was at an all time high. Once she started the work on my refinance she stayed with me until the end, (I started in May 2016 and closed April 2017), If the quality of a firm's employees is an indication of success then Reliance First Capital has a very bright future. Leslie is an asset to your company and is part of the reason I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.




Jennifer J. - NC

Michael was an excellent person to work with.




Wayne G. - LA

Miles was honest and upfront and delivered everything he said he would




Bruce P. - PA

Patrick went above and beyond what I would have expected to help me refinance my home. He provided options that met my needs, kept me informed throughout the whole process and ensured that everything went smoothly and expeditiously.




Yancy M. - SC

Paula did a great job! The whole team was great throughout the complete process. Thanks Team!




Dena C. - TN

Philip was great t work with from beginning to end.




Warren J. - AL

Chris and Lauren were prompt and very professional in guiding me and my wife through the entire process, I thank them for their outstanding patience with me when I messed up.




Bobby F. - LA

Ray was always available to answer any questions that I had he always return my calls promptly and when I didn't understand how to do something electronically he was always willing to help and make it possible I was very impressed.




Lori R. - LA

Regan kept us well informed of all activities in the process.




Susan and Peter L. - NY

Ritu did an excellent job. She is an excellent representative for your company. She worked very hard to get the loan for us. We feel grateful that we had someone of her knowledge working on our loan. Thank you so much.




Daniel G. - OH

Robert was always informative, polite, and professional. He was excellent and made the process painless.




Drucillia W. - PA

Keep up the good work, thanks.




Claudia V. - AZ

Ryan is the best. He was there for us every step of the way.




Andra S. - NM

Sabra was very nice and professional so was Kelleen every one I spoke with were very nice and upbeat as well.




Richard A. - TN

Shaun was absolutely amazing from start to finish. We shopped around but he was the main reason I chose your company and I am so glad that I did. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know looking to refinance or buy a home. Shaun did most of the work, but Talon and Michael also assisted him. All three made a great team and that made for a seamless loan process.




Tracy S. - TN

It was a pleasure to work with Shaun. Never felt pressured to adhere to any company agendas. Shaun was up front and always reminded me that this is our loan and it is important to get what we want. Other companies that we called for a quote tried to force us to accept what they wanted. That was very important to me, because it felt like I was making all of the decisions that was beneficial to what I wanted.




Karyn W. - TN

Shelley was fantastic to work with! She listened to the financial goal that we were trying to achieve and she found the best option for us to achieve it. She was very professional but she was also personable and caring. She kept us informed of the process and we knew that we were in good hands and that she had our best interest in mind every step of the way! I look forward to working with her in the future!




Nina A. - PA

Steven made everything happen for me and stood by my side the whole way he provided exceptional service and would highly recommend him to anyone!!




Doris M. - NC

Exceptional mortgage company and analyst. I am very pleased with my experience.




Kelly H. - TX

Tabitha was exceptional. Our initial communication was great. Her warm, friendly attitude sealed the deal for us. She made us feel like we were her #1 priority.




Tony and Carla D. - PA

Carla and I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for us. Your professionalism and attention to details went beyond anyone could expect. We found out these things about you after we started working with you, but that was not the reason we chose Reliance First Capital. As you, well know when a person enters their information into the computer their phone blow up with individuals calling them. I listened to all the calls I received and narrowed it down to a few that I would call. I even called my local bank here in Pittsburgh, to get a quote from them. After speaking with you and after talking with Carla we quickly narrowed it down to you with whom we wanted to work with. Thomas, it wasn't your professionalism or your attention to detail that made us chose Reliance First Capital, it was you. It was how easy it was to talk to you, how we could joke around with you, it was as if we had known you all of our lives and we were talking to the young man who grew up next door to us. You always treated us with respect. You made us feel that we were not your client but your friend. Thomas for that we will always be grateful. Keep up the good work young man and made your future be filled with greatness. Again thank you for everything.




Donald S. - FL

Thank you every one was great.




Nancy S. - FL

Have Travis do all your training.. Everything was great.




Nancy S. - FL

Everything was great, have Travis Yocum do all your training.




Jacqueline H. - FL

Vincent was the best we have ever dealt with as loan officer. He took to help us with computer, we are seniors who have little to no electronic. skills. again we cannot say enough about his effectiveness, kindness, and professionalism.




Florence K. - VA

Jacqueline set my at ease and answered all my questions. I will give her any friends' names as I find out when they are interested in refinancing.




Ethel S. - ME

Donna Titone totaly professional, knowledgeable, courteous, a pleasure to deal with.




Lisa M. - NY

Carla was awesome, patient, always returned calls/texts promptly and very knowledgeable.




James M. - NJ

Emily provided my family with excellent service and provided the most professional and courteous service possible. Better than ANY salesperson I have ever met in my life. I'm 57 years old and Emily really made us feel like part of the FAMILY. And not one of those relatives that annoys you, LOL. Her professionalism far, far exceeded our expectations! Thank you from Jim, Joyce and Emily at Reliance First Capital!!! MY wife and I promise to refer people to Emily and Reliance First Capital as soon as we know of friends or relatives that need your services.




Glenda M. - OR

Jeff Cacace, he stuck with us trying to get our loan through and in the end we did. Thank you so much Jeff you have helped put us in a better financial situation.




Anthony H. - KY

Jeremy Kelly made the process easy, made me feel comfortable with the entire process. It was the most positive experience I've had in a long time. When I think about a mortgage in the future, Jeremy will be the one I will do more business with.




Franklin Y. - NY

Jim was both professional and courteous all through the process. He kept me updated each and every step of the way. My experience Reliance First Capital was rewarding and fulfilling. Thanks again Jim for this experience. I am truly appreciative!




Linda D. - MD

Joe was extra ordinary in his attention to detail and ensuring that I was aware of every step necessary to make the process go smoothly. He was extremely patient with us when we needed to have testing done or added verification.




Gwendolyn P. - MS

Everything was great.




Donna B. - AL

Leslie was professional-yet personal and caring enough to find a loan that fit ME!!!




Roberta K. - OR

Lisa was GREAT. Never worked with anyone better...




Gregory O. - NY

Lisa is a true professional. Communication was exceptional, I always knew what to expect next and she took the time to answer my questions and explain things clearly. She returned phone calls promptly, (was almost always available on a first contact).




Leah M. - NY

Michelle was fantastic. She made what can be a very stressful and convoluted process easy. You are lucky to have her on your team.




Anthony E. - KY

Miles provided all information in a professional manner.




Harold K. - TN

You are doing a great job.




Gary B. - NC

Patrick did his best to explain and cover the scenario from my perspective along with the companies.




Frank S. - CT

Paul was consistently helpful in guiding me through the myriad of documents s required by underwriters.




Marlin S. - AL

I am hard to work with because I never stop working and am not the best at returning calls. Raemi was persistent, patient, adjusted her schedule to keep things moving for me and never made me feel like I was a bother. No wonder she closed this loan for me - others had tried and failed.




Linda and Keith M. - NM

Raemi was great throughout. She won my business by returning my phone calls promptly. Raemi was great!




Mary C. - AR

I believe Randy is a mortgage analyst among other things. Great personality. I feel like any time I need advice on my future problems with money, investments or anything of this nature I can call Randy or Mark.




William R. - AL

If I was Romans boss I'd give him a raise. Top notch




Warren M. - NC

Shelley M, and Sharon the notary, Both were very professional and reassuring.




Kevin W. - TN

William was our loan office and we great to work with. Very professional and courteous.




Larry G. - OH

The process was as smooth as I could imagine. Yana was very kind, courteous and welcoming. Yana responded to every question or concern very promptly and accurately, a pleasure to do business with. She should be promoted.




Stacie W. - OH

Yana very helpful. As a first time home buyer, she made the process less stressful, and helped me understand the process.




Rory I. - NC

Cody Motsinger did what others couldn't. He was able to pull the equity out of my home so I could pay off some debt. He was very positive, stayed in connect throughout and even saved me some money on closing. I would highly recommend to all my friends and family. Thanks Bother, you're the best! (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Sean A. - NY

Thank U so much, Donna. U gave me the help that I needed to get back on track with my life in finances. All it took was one phone call to make me feel like myself again. I'm so glad u helped me with the refinance and being patient with me and thanks for all the hard work U put in. THANK VERY MUCH. (as posted on LendingTree.com)




Peter - FL

Working with Reliance First Capital was an excellent experience! Our mortgage analyst Joe Mincey was truly exceptional! He explained our options very clearly, and was with us every step of the way. The entire process went very smoothly. Thank you for your great service! It was very much appreciated!!




Trevor H. - TN

Amy Chris and Craig literally saved my life financially and worked their butts off to make my refi go through. They deserve a trophy! Thank you to the whole team for being the best at what you do.




Vera J. - NC

Hi Henry! Wow it's been a year! And I still thank you for all that you did for me, even when things got a little shaky you told me to keep the faith things were going to work out. And yes it did. You did a wonderful job! And I will recommend you to everyone. So thanks again and may God continue to bless you and your family.




Kay S. - KY

Suzanne was absolutely terrific.




Tagner B. - FL

Travis was excellent about staying in touch and always able to answer any questions.




Bryan R. - KY

Roman Osipov was very attentive, courteous, personable, and was very helpful. He worked very hard to close on our loan. I would recommend anyone and everyone to work with him and his company. Reliance First Capital is everything they claim to be. They work for the homeowner, and never once did I feel pressured to sign anything.




John K. - NC

Ray patiently and with great sensitivity took us through this. Process during a time of great personal loss for our family. We respect and love this man.




Suzanne F. - NY

Carla and Ranie were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and made my experience a pleasant one. Carla went above and beyond every expectation. She was absolutely professional and the sole reason this process went smoothly for me. She answered every question I had whether it was a mortgage question or a general question and not only contacted me in a timely manner but returned the call immediately. Carla made me feel comfortable that she was keeping my best interest in mind.




Willie B. - MS

Job well done and thanks to both Jared and Tracie.




Tamara T. - NH

Bethany is the one who contacted me and earned my business just by being herself. I felt very confident working with her on such an unfamiliar and scary process to me.




John N. - NC

Matt Wiehl at Reliance First Capital is a consummate professional and really great to work with on a project such as this. I truly appreciate his kindness and patience with me.




Claude C. - VA

Robert and Rasool both worked with me well above and beyond what I would expect them to do. For anymore mortgage needs, this company will be the first in my contact list. Looking forward to doing business with you all again (in a few years).




Marvin S. - LA

Leslie is very experienced in her profession.




Cindy S. - AR

Chad Spencer was a good person to work with. He would answer any question. And call back quickly. Thanks for helping me. I would give out his name to people that needed help like I did.




Vincent M. - NY

Carla got me in the right loan program at an exceptional loan rate.




Lynn L. - NY

Carla went above and beyond during my entire loan process - which was not any easy one. She always answered my calls, emails and texts, immediately - day or night. Her passion and commitment is apparent in every conversation with her. She gave us such a personal experience. We felt like we were not just another 'loan' or number - Carla cares about people on a human level. She is someone who we trust. We had many bumps in the road, which she handheld with kindness and professionalism. She remained our calm in the storm. Ranie Bharat was assisting in our loan and was wonderful, kind, professional, and went above and beyond for us as well. She answered every phone call and email and was on top of everything. We couldn't have done any of this without either of them.




Deron M. - PA

Jeffrey was awesome!




Bryan S. - CA

York was very pleasant to work with. A good man to do business with that stayed on top of everything.




Debra M. - VA

Your expert communication specialist is Debbie. She cares about her customers and she exceeded every description in the questionnaire and then some. We connected right away and I felt like I was talking to a friend more than a business connection. She works hard, is dedicated to her customers and is definitely a people person! I would like for Debbie to be recognized for her efforts that she put forth to getting our loan processed. We knew at the beginning that it would be challenging, but she made it happen and kept me positive the entire time! Thank you Debbie!




Kevin W. - TX

My experience with Reliance First Capital was a mixed bag. Not a bad experience overall but there were challenges. Suzanne "Oula" Horne was great to work. Highly recommend her to others. BLUF, I felt the process took way too long. Maybe because it was the holiday season that caused delays in processing our paperwork but it took too long in our opinion. Can be a very frustrating process that she explained upfront and was spot on. Be prepared to answer lots of questions and send in mountains of paperwork. I would recommend them to others with an explanation of what to expect. Hopefully this was just my experience because they seem very nice




John M. - PA

Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about the mortgage lending business, she was equally friendly and responsive to all my concerns and questions. She advised me in advance of what to expect at every stage of the process and was remarkably patient with what must have seemed to be naïve questions.

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