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With lower mortgage rates available and government insured programs more readily accessible, many homeowners are taking advantage and refinancing now. At Reliance First Capital, we create custom solutions utilizing the best programs and low interest rates to put you and your family in a better financial position.

  • Lower your interest rate

  • Lower your monthly payment*
    *By refinancing your existing loan, your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

  • Switch out of an adjustable rate loan and into a low fixed rate mortgage

  • Consolidate your bills into one easy, lower monthly payment

  • Reduce the term of your current mortgage

  • Fund a home improvement project like an upgrade to the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

  • Fund a child's education

  • Begin or add to a retirement plan

  • Pay off owed taxes

Imagine paying off your debts AND still having a lower monthly payment than you have now. Or shortening the term of your current mortgage AND getting cash out for projects or bills. Call now and let us provide you with a no-obligation custom loan program quote to answer your financial needs.
While you may have your own reason to refinance, below are some of the more common reasons why homeowners have come to Reliance First Capital to refinance their mortgage:
Get a Lower Monthly Mortgage Payment
Are you aware that even a small reduction in your interest rate can result in a lower monthly payment? That means you may be paying too much every month if you don't refinance. The three ways a refinance can lower your monthly payment are:


  • Getting a lower interest rate

  • Changing the term or your mortgage

  • Switching your mortgage program (i.e.: ARM to a fixed-rate program)

Get Access to Cash
Many people have equity in their home which has accumulated over time. This equity can be tapped through a refinance program to provide cash for items such as:


  • Pay off high interest debt like credit cards or other loans

  • Home improvements

  • Fund a child's education

  • Pay bills

Eliminate High-Interest Debt like Credit Cards
Credit Cards and other revolving debt instruments usually carry high interest rates (18% and higher!!) with the interest compounded. A mortgage on the other hand will have a much lower interest rate which is not compounded and can often be tax deductible*. Thus, paying off your credit card and other higher-interest debt through a refinance can save you THOUSANDS in payments.
Switch out of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and into a Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Many homeowners used an Adjustable Rate Mortgage to take advantage of very low introductory interest rates but are now facing an interest rate hike. Refinancing into a Fixed Rate mortgage can lower monthly payments and create a comfortable, stable payment schedule.
Credit Rating has Improved
Credit scores can be improved by making payments on time, lowering overall debt, lessening open credit lines and more. Refinancing can allow a homeowner to take advantage of the stronger score and receive a lower interest loan.
Match your Financial Goals
Your current mortgage may not be aligned with your financial goals and, in turn, may be costing you needless additional money. Refinancing provides an opportunity to properly align your finances with your long term financial plans.


* Consult your tax specialist or accountant for details


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