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Written Testimonials: reviews from actual Reliance First Capital customers who sent in letters, emails, posted online reviews, and/or completed Funded Loan surveys. Surveys below are listed in chronological order (newest first) as of November 20th, 2020 (unless otherwise noted). To read more testimonials from our customers click here. Compensation was not paid in exchange for any testimonial on this site.

Erick and Betty P. thank
Austin for his hard work

Betty P., PA

My husband and I are so grateful that we had the pleasure to work with Austin Clayton, I have never dealt with a professional person as he was to us. He was so pleasant , guided us through every process, that we needed to complete before the loan would go through, and then get the appraisal done, he was there for every step, we have never had a person like Austin to help us like he did, he worked so hard on our account, even if we had any question after closing during the week, and on weekends he was there, amazing personality. We just wanted to voice our appreciation for Austin Clayton, and to let you all know, what kind of a Mortgage Analyst you have working for you.. My husband and I would defiantly recommend Austin and Reliance First Capital. Again, thank you Austin, you’re the best…

October 2017

Donald S., MA

I would like to express my appreciation for working with Donna Titone as my primary point of contact through my recent refinancing with Reliance First Capital. Donna is a consummate professional who was of great assistance throughout the process. She possesses what I call real-time communications skills and dedication, always available, on-point and very responsive. As with most refinancing processes, there were myriad underwriting demands and information corrections and research items along the way. Despite any administrative challenges, Donna was always straight forward, knowledgeable and focused on a successful outcome. When I became frustrated with multiple underwriting requests and near ready to pull the plug, she was encouraging and assisted in keeping things on track. I would recommend her without reservation to others, and am confident she will build a strong career with your or any organization.

December 2017

Donna Titone and Tammy Kaur showcase flowers their customer
sent in appreciation for their efforts

Yveline L., MD

Ritu is beyond "EXCEPTIONAL" from the start to finish she exhibits an unprecedented professionalism. She went above and beyond the call of duty. "Your attitude will determine your altitude". She has the A T T I T U D E and there is no scale to measure that. Well done! Keep up the good work.

February 2019

Ritu Sethi and a special thank you sent to her by Yveline in appreciation

Bennie M. - IN

Akim was very professional and knowledgeable of the entire process. The right personality for the job. He deserves a raise.




Deborah B. - VA

Alexandra McCray was absolutely amazing. She was very personable, professional and most helpful as we decided what we wanted to do.




Joseph P. - NY

Everything went great.




Jocelyn S. - TX

Audrey Morrell was wonderful.




William B. - OH

I'm in my home and it doesn't get better than that! Keep up the good work, good job.




Diane M. - GA

Breanna went above and beyond to make this refinance happen for me. She is relentless! She is amazing! I could go on and on about her amazing qualities. Most importantly is this lady is such an asset to your company. She is a VIP! Give her a raise or a vaca or something. She deserves it!!! Thank you so much Breanna! You're the BEST!




Andrew J. - TN

Breanna Lynn Devlin kept me informed, went back to the company and fought for what I asked for till I was assured I got the best deal available.




Otis M. - GA

I want to commend Breanna Delvin, she was more than helpful. She kept me advised at all time of the process and was all ways available for any questions I might have had. I cannot thank her enough. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to any one so, Breanna Devlin, thank you.




Elsy P. - VA

Brian Bushi was our mortgage analyst. He is absolutely phenomenal. He kept us informed throughout the process, he always made us aware of the different options available to us. Brian was available day or night to answer any question or address any concern. His customer service and that of Reliance First Capital left a lasting impression and we would highly recommend Brian and the company to anyone. The process could not have gone any smoother! Thank you for that!




Crag A. - NJ

Christine went above the call of duty in helping us complete a refi cash-out. I had little experience putting together the documents and a complex situation. She was patient, helpful and encouraging. She kept me on task and reached out to help when we were falling behind. When I didn't understand something, she took the time to break it down and explain it. She is a miracle!




Kelly F. - CO

Christine helped deal with an appraiser that was making things difficult.




Thelbert R. - NC

Christine was exceptional throughout the process.




Christopher H. - NC

Courtney was very nice and not pushy. The entire reason I went with this company was my first interaction with Courtney. Super friendly.




Brian R. - NC

Damien Weekes was amazing. He kept in touch throughout the entire process and he always returned my calls if I had a question. I have never been more impressed by anyone in this line of work. He has a great attitude and actually made the process fun. Also, Jennifer Sanford worked very hard to get the closing completed. She also made sure she returned calls promptly was very nice all the time.




Ronald W. - SC

Thank You for your help in this Refinance.




Craig C. - OH

Very satisfied.




Miran B. - PA

Dylan returned calls and emails in just minutes. He is very articulate and knowledgeable.




Mary R. - TN

Everyone excelled.




Wilma R. - NJ

Eric and Carolyn provided exceptional guidance and extremely professional service. They worked hard to attain our goals and diligently obtained all the documentation to assure our success.




Trista K. - WA

Eric Alioto is Awesome. This was our Second time using Eric and Reliance First Capital. Everything went smooth. I ask a lot of questions and he always is quick to answer them!




Daniel R. - AL

Eric Alioto was awesome. I am not tech savvy and he was very patient with me every step of the way.




Mildred K. - MA

Eric kept us informed at all times. He was very knowledgeable and friendly.




Ann S. - NY

Erick was friendly, honest, and provided suggestions when we were unsure of how to proceed. Altogether great service.




Mary A. - NC

Fredrick Danner was great. He was always available and helped me a lot thru the process.




Kenneth R. - MA

Genna has always been very courteous she makes you feel like family!




Markus J. - MA

Genna treated us like longtime family friends. She made us feel like she always had our best interests in mind and we never felt like she was just trying to make a sale. She responded in less than 24 hours every time and we felt like she was available around the clock (although we didn’t expect that!)




Thelma S. - AL

Gino was very professional throughout the whole process. He was the ONLY person who contacted us about a refinance to bring up other options we had, such as 12 years vs. 15. We didn't know 12 years was an option and every other company just jumped on 15 years right from the start. This was the biggest reason we went with Reliance even though another company came back later with a very slightly better offer.




Sharon J. - TX

Jaclyn Martin is very personal. She makes me want to do the same job as her.




Diana P. - MD

I've never had a process go so smoothly and efficiently. Outstanding customer service. I felt like Jeff and Carol were family as I was treated so well.




Jennifer J. - MD

No. Jeff was great and everything went super smoothly without any issues. Thank you so much!




Paul K. - SC

Jessica and Michael were very knowledgeable.




Kimberly W> - OH

Joseph Versiackas was awesome and very personable and thorough.




Brent A. - SC

Everything was perfect.




Gregory M. - ME

Kayla was simply outstanding. All Mortgage Analysts should be like Kayla. She made the process go so smooth with a very quick closing. Totally satisfied. No suggestions as everything went perfect and Kayla went above and beyond every single day. She even called to keep us updated on her days off. She was a perfect agent to work with. Very professional and full of knowledge.




Audrey M. - PA

Kayla was a pleasure to work with. She was prompt and informative. She answered all our questions. I felt confident in her advice for us and she made the whole progress less stressful.




Patricia B. - NC

Lan was amazing! Every time I needed to call Lan, it was like she read my mind and gave me a call. I am very particular about details and LAN was very accommodating in my times of uncertainty. I really did not plan to do this at this time. She convinced me and changed my life! Thank you Lan!!




Paul K. - NY

We hit a few bumps in the road that were primarily due to items I had to provide but Lance worked with me and went above and beyond to provide me with the best service I could have asked for. He is truly an asset to your organization.




Valery A. - CO

LaShonda was awesome! She explained everything and supported me every step of the way!




Joann M. - TN

La Shonda Holt is the best. Nothing but perfection and kindness. She goes beyond "exceptional".




Chelsea W. - OR

Leslie was excellent to work with. She was friendly, professional, and always kept us informed. The PowerPoint presentation at the beginning of the process really helped us visualize what our best option was.




Jeremy B. - NC

Thank you so much for your help throughout the refi process Leslie! We had a great experience!




Lisa L. - VA

This entire experience was a pleasure. No drama.




Nancy M. - MI

Mason Pelkofer was great to work with and always made me feel that I was most important. He was responsive and patient even when things did not go smoothly ie; my computer working slowly. I would recommend him to anyone.




Theresa W. - AL

Matt was exceptional and worked hard at keeping me informed.




Larry R. - AL

Matt Gertz did an outstanding job. Matt communicated with me continuously and I was always well informed throughout the entire process. He was always courteous and very professional.




Christopher H. - KY

Great transparent experience very informative.




JoAnn H. - KY

Matthew is a great listener very professional and has a strong sense of exceeding the needs of his clients he was a pleasure to work with he made are process very easy. His communication skills are Amazing. Great follow through.




Lawson A. - DE

Matthew did a great job with helping me thur this entire process. Answered all my questions and returns my call within 24hrs.




Frank C. - NY

Both Michael and Nick were extremely efficient and professional throughout this entire process!! Clone these Gentlemen!! During this National Crisis, this entire process could have been a living nightmare!! Both Mike and Nick prevented that from occurring. I am so pleased to have worked with two outstanding professionals!!




Cathy W. - MD

Working with the team at Reliance First Capital was a pleasure. Mike O'Brien, Benjamin Cesaro, and Jacqueline Massacci were very accommodating. They answered all of our questions and were very helpful. They were able to get a great rate, combine our 2 mortgages, pay off some bills and get us a much lower payment than we even anticipated. I would recommend them to any of our friends.




John N. - NC

Miles Commodore provided exceptional and friendly service.




Winona D. - NC

The entire team was amazing, Miles Commodore made me feel like I was his only customer! He helped me with my refi in 2017, and I will certainly look him up should I need to refi again! Thank you for superior service!!




Timothy A. - PA

Morgan kept me in loop and helped me through computer process. Adjusted process due to my dislike of computers




Damon D. - VA

Ndae focused on my needs and worked hard to help me reach the right situation for my family. Her personality was very outgoing which made it easy to build trust in the loan process.




Christine O. - WY

Oula Suzanne Horne is the best I have ever worked with. It was a long process due to current demand, but she was a trooper though it all and kept me informed about the progress of the process and everything I needed to know to help it go smoothly.




Brent T. - NC

It was a pleasure dealing with this company. Very informative and polite.




Judyth K. - MA

Philip is one of the most supportive and friendliest Mortgage Analysts I have ever dealt with in a fairly long history of buying five homes. His energy and attention to detail made the process very pleasant.




Pamela C. - AR

Christopher, thank you for walking each step of the way with me...your patience and respectfulness to me I greatly appreciated!!!




Kristina S. - OH

Preston and Michelle were awesome from start to finish!




Lowell M. - VA

Rebecca was great throughout the entire process! Patient and helpful and courteous and just great to work with! Can’t say enough!




Annabelle M. - PA

Rebecca looked at my specific financial goals for refinancing and analyzed the options that best accomplished those goals. She was very personal and professional.




Deborah R. - TN

Rebekah, Frank, and the entire staff that worked behind the scenes were all great. This was the easiest process I have ever been a part of this company was great. Would recommend this company to anyone.




Franklin B. - NC

Ryan Sason was exceptional in every aspect of my loan processing. I'll recommend hi and Reliance to my friends for sure.




Christina L. - GA

Sharon Lucas was great. There were times when I was stressed out with things. Seems like every time we thought we had everything the under writer was asking for they needed something else. Sharon was able to calm all of us down, and explained things again. She was calm and courteous. Very friendly and prompt returning calls. She was really exceptional at her job.




Jason A. - TN

Reliance First Capital was an amazing experience because it was very easy and smooth process without leaving my home. Everything was clear and precise and the instructions were well in tune with what needed to be accomplished with my goals. Sheila Dennis provided exceptional service that was very professional and custom to fit my financial needs. She was easy to talk to and understood what I was asking. I will be an advocate for Reliance First Capital.




Bernard D. - NC

Taylor is a wonderful and beautiful person! Your staff is wonderful.




Ricky A. - GA

Thama was great at her job. Great personality and made the process good.




Albernon E. - NC

Toi Meade, top notch professionalism. Always answered my questions and made the lending experience smooth and efficient.




Raymond I. - PA

Vincent provided exceptional service to me and I would recommend him to anyone that I know looking for a mortgage or refinance a mortgage.




Charles A. - NC

Wade Riley did a great job! The rating about best explains the job that he did during the loan process.




Candice W. - OH

Yana and Michelle were great to work with. They always got back to me quickly and were willing to answer any questions I had about buying my first home!




Kytana R. - OH

Yana was wonderful to work with thank you so much.




Shirley W. - AL

York was very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind in obtaining the service needed for my situation.

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