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Written Testimonials: reviews from actual Reliance First Capital customers who sent in letters, emails, posted online reviews, and/or completed Funded Loan surveys. Surveys below are listed in chronological order (newest first) as of March 25th, 2024 (unless otherwise noted). To read more testimonials from our customers click here. Compensation was not paid in exchange for any testimonial on this site.

Erick and Betty P. thank
Austin for his hard work

Betty P., PA

My husband and I are so grateful that we had the pleasure to work with Austin, I have never dealt with a professional person as he was to us. He was so pleasant , guided us through every process, that we needed to complete before the loan would go through, and then get the appraisal done, he was there for every step, we have never had a person like Austin to help us like he did, he worked so hard on our account, even if we had any question after closing during the week, and on weekends he was there, amazing personality. We just wanted to voice our appreciation for Austin Clayton, and to let you all know, what kind of a Mortgage Analyst you have working for you.. My husband and I would defiantly recommend Austin and Reliance First Capital. Again, thank you Austin, you’re the best…

Donna Titone and Tammy Kaur showcase flowers their customer
sent in appreciation for their efforts

Donald S., MA

I would like to express my appreciation for working with Donna Titone as my primary point of contact through my recent refinancing with Reliance First Capital. Donna is a consummate professional who was of great assistance throughout the process. She possesses what I call real-time communications skills and dedication, always available, on-point and very responsive. As with most refinancing processes, there were myriad underwriting demands and information corrections and research items along the way. Despite any administrative challenges, Donna was always straight forward, knowledgeable and focused on a successful outcome. When I became frustrated with multiple underwriting requests and near ready to pull the plug, she was encouraging and assisted in keeping things on track. I would recommend her without reservation to others, and am confident she will build a strong career with your or any organization.


Ritu Sethi and a special thank you sent to her by Yveline in appreciation

Yveline L., MD

Ritu is beyond "EXCEPTIONAL" from the start to finish she exhibits an unprecedented professionalism. She went above and beyond the call of duty. "Your attitude will determine your altitude". She has the A T T I T U D E and there is no scale to measure that. Well done! Keep up the good work.


Dave R. and family in front
of their new home.

Dave R., OH

Thank you @reliancefirstcapital and @azzamhomes for helping us. God blessed us with a great home and opportunity. Carlton and Michelle provided personal care. They both took ownership in their duties. It was a pleasure working with them both. Keep up the great work. Communication is vital.

Sharon M. - NC

Thank you for a smooth and streamlined process.




Dave S. - VA

I had talked with quite a few Real Estate and Mortgage companies / agents and Sonney made the process a lot more enjoyable than any of the previous encounters I had had. Her support went well beyond my expectations to include making sure I was comfortable throughout the process. Thanks much!




Theresa W. - VA

Was going to another company, but Joshua saved the day.




Marilyn T. - NY

Nick was great to deal with! Answered all questions timely, Great sense of humor! Comfortable to talk to! Keep doing what you’re doing! If any family, friends or neighbors in need of this kind of service we would recommend your company first.




Elma T. - GA

Corey Forsberg was more than helpful through my refinancing. Corey asked about my needs for the future and gave me all options so we could choose what best fit my needs. Corey was always available to explain anything that I didn't understand. He really is great at his job and I am very grateful to him for his sensitivity to my personal situation. Never met him but consider him a friend. 5 stars.




Jonathan R. - VA

Regan, Executive Mortgage Analyst (and fellow Michigander), provided clear and concise communication throughout the entire process. He took his time to explain each step and answered all questions in a way that was easy to understand. His email follow-ups recapping our conversations proved very valuable for reference. Regan is a true professional in the business. Michael Schaut - Senior Mortgage Processor - Enjoyed the few conversations with Michael. He possesses a great ability to get things done and provided an assist with acquiring the needed documentation from a rather inefficient property management company. Ashley, Sales Manager, was so friendly and personable to converse with. She initiated contact, introduced herself, and offered additional assistance whenever needed. Great team! Couldn't be happier with the entire process. From start to finish, everything was smooth and efficient. The application process was straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, uploading documents electronically saves a lot of time and hassle compared to traditional methods. Communication throughout the process was excellent - Regan was responsive and regularly kept me updated on my application's progress. The entire process was completed without any surprises. The professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction made the experience stress-free and rewarding.




Karen M. - PA

Everything went very smoothly. Extremely happy with my experience! Sonney ALWAYS provides exceptional service! She kept me informed all along the way. She is always very pleasant to work with and is available to answer any questions in a prompt and professional manner.




Joseph H. - NY

Nadet was extremely helpful every step of the way. Always gave me updates.




Robert Z. - TN

Dylan, Matt, and Jennifer: all exceptional work!




Jose T. - NY

Eric did an excellent job, I tried to refinance before and I couldn't. Erick met with me, reviewed all my options, and gave me the loan I was looking for. He was very polite, friendly and always there for me. I will refer all my friends and family.




Lathan and Bianca W. - NC

I am grateful for the wonderful support provided by Oula Horne during the refinancing of my house. Her expertise and attentiveness throughout the process were exceptional. Right from the first phone call to the finalization of the refinance, she listened and understood our needs. Her professionalism and knowledge gave us confidence throughout the process. I also appreciated her quick response times. We began the process in the first week of March and signed our closing documents by the end of the third week of March. Her assistance was invaluable, and we will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking mortgage services in the future.




Judith and Edward T. - PA

Joe was amazing! He was so comforting and calming for me. I had a bad experience before contacting Reliance First Capital so I was very apprehensive. I am so glad Joe won me over! This is an awesome company who really care about getting you to your goals. The communication with Reliance First Capital was daily! I’ve never worked with anyone who was so upfront, honest and kind. The process was simple and stress free! I can? T say enough about Joe and my Reliance First Capital experience. It was a pleasure and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Joe Novack was exceptional!! He went beyond expectations and was there for me 24/7! He made me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process. This company is a dream to do business with. Everything was explained where I could understand and communication was exceptional! It was a true pleasure.




Sean B. - OH

Sean helped me work through the right loan for me in a very timely manner and was very smooth and easy. He was very knowledgeable and professional.




Michael C. - NC

Rose exemplifies professionalism with personal care. Her sweet spirit and warm personality made the entire process stress free and enjoyable. Rose was awesome.




Edward A. - FL

Yana and Michelle did an amazing job, everyone did a wonderful job. We were selling a house in Ohio and buying one in Florida and they helped us every step of the way!! Great crew.




Cortina B. - TN

Everything went better than I expected. Coy was terrific. Thank you for everything, the process was quick and took care of everything I needed. I appreciate all that worked with me to get my loan.




Roy H. - TN

Jason made the whole process go so easy! When I didn't understand he would go slow and work with me, never losing his cool! I don't have anyone right now but I have suggested Reliance First Capital and Jason to three of my friends!




David R. - NC

Brandon was amazing to work with. He was able to get things accomplished that your average loan officer either couldn't because of inexperience or wouldn't because of the amount of time it might take. He wasn't pushy at all. He answered all of my questions and gave me options to think about to make sure I was making the best decision for my family.




Christopher L. - SC

Micheal was great to deal with. Always professional and informative. Thank you for being so helpful in navigating through this process.




Herbea G. - GA

Martin and Jennifer were professional, patient and pleasant to work with.




Barbara R. - VA

Vincent Gentile and everyone were professional, provided excellent customer service, and worked very hard to make this happen for us. We had the opportunity to go with another lender, cheaper interest rate too, and because of Vincent and his good customer service, I felt like I mattered to Reliance First Capital, so I chose Vincent. Customer service matters more to me. They worked hard to earn my business. I had an unusual circumstance, and they figured it out. I was funded quickly, as promised, and honestly, it’s the best customer service I’ve ever had. Vincent Gentile and his team are the best! I doubt I will ever go anywhere else again.




Russell D. - AR

I spoke with Carol and at first I didn't want to give it a chance. She asked for 5 minutes of my time. I gave her the opportunity and realized that she really could indeed help us. Carol was wonderful, she made sure after hours she could help us. I would highly recommend her to anyone. The whole team at Reliance First Capital are great. I'm not sure I know anyone in our situation, but if I hear of anyone I'll definitely send them the information to contact Reliance First Capital.




Carl J. - TN

Everything from the communication to the execution was top notch. Russell was a pleasure to work with and was more than transparent from start to finish, a real professional who I look forward to working with in the future. If the encyclopedia had to describe exceptional service Russell's picture would be right beside it! Russell from the beginning asked what my goals were if I were able to refinance my home using my VA benefits. He gave me several options and broke down in clear terms what to expect during the process, what the loan would look like payment wise and how much money I would be able to cash out. Even during the process as I was educating myself on the ins and outs of doing a VA cash out refi Russell was always available to answer any of my questions. A true asset to Reliance First Capital, I'm sure. I felt confident in my decision to refinance my home and I mainly have to thank Russell for that, his expertise and customer service are attributes you just can't train they are developed over a lifetime. A gem indeed.




Teena G. - PA

Everything went perfect. I so much appreciate all Chris did for me. Have nothing bad to say. They worked with me from day one up to the very end. Answered calls within hours. I had a terrific agent working with me.




Michael M. - NY

It was a great experience. Michael at Reliance First Capital did an amazing job. Mike was able to break down the numbers and explain the tough Mortgage talk with ease. I was very pleased with the outcome of buying my house, and I will be referring Mike to anyone looking for a home.




William R. - VA

I can't say enough for the extreme time and effort that Liz put into getting the loan from Reliance First Capital. She was so dedicated in this process that she even sent out e-mails to us at 1:30 in the morning checking on funds that were supposed to be wired to us. She's very personable and a true professional in her line of work. I'd go to her if we needed to do this again as this was a learning experience for the both of us. I can't say enough but I really enjoyed working with her and wish her the very best in her future.




Ginger D. - NC

I thought the loan process went very smoothly, Teresa was FANTASTIC. The only thing I had issues with was the interest rate. It is a sad day that I am 55 years old and paying the highest interest rate for this loan than any other loan I have paid in the past. Not saying its Reliance First Capital's Fault, but still, it is not a good rate. Teresa was phenomenal. She was always courteous, informative and kind.




Randy H. - NC

Donna and her team were great! We had no problems through the whole process. I would highly recommend her to help anyone that needs this service. Thx for everything!




Robert R. - MI

After [unsuccessfully] trying to get a reverse mortgage with a CA-based company (they kept requesting the same stuff over and offer AND did not return our calls which was annoying) and then working with another two lenders who were also not good, we are sending our thanks to you [for getting us the mortgage we wanted]. I know two other Veteran friends who need your services [I will forward them your information].




Jerry T. - TN

Everything went smoothly thanks to Jason.




Tamara M. - SC

Teresa is a wonderful person. She helped me through the entire way with love, compassion, honesty and loyalty. She helped me understand everything from the beginning till now at the present time. I enjoyed every minute with her and happy that God put her in my path. This being my first home, I know and feel from her help that everything will be ok. I am excited and happy with all the customer service I got from. This company. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. Had a great experience with this company. Being a first-time home buyer, Teresa Marie Dowse was the best person with this company that helped me. I am glad to have her with me along the way and more!!!




Khusan K. - OH

This was our first house. We were denied by another lender and feared to lose the house, but my agent referred us to Janna Nersesov and we are very grateful. Wanted to thank Janna for helping us to buy our first home. She is very knowledgeable and always available, evenings or weekends. Thank you, we love our new home.




Sharon C. - MD

Joe was the most prompt, professional and courteous Mortgage Analyst that I have ever worked with and I'm a 70 yr old CPA. KUDOS! He always had our goals in mind and did all that he could to meet them. We will gladly work with him and Reliance Capital again in the future. He is a definite recommendation.




Patrick D. - NY

Do your due diligence and call this place for a refinance or when buy8ng a home. Customer service with their reps and office staff is professional and expedient. Would do business with them again if our circumstances require their services.

Winston G. - NC

Alyssa is amazing she's very professional kind thoughtful and cares about you and your needs it's just one big happy family at Reliance First Capital, thank you.




Brittany E. - PA

What an incredible company to work with, very efficient and knowledgeable employees. I highly recommend reliance first capital for any lending needs! We worked with Alicia and we can’t say enough great things about her! She was so helpful and closed the deal quickly and painlessly. She was always available and her communication was so appreciated throughout the process. I have no complaints at all! Thank you for making this such a smooth and painless endeavor. Alicia is incredible at her job, kept us informed, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you for being so efficient and honest and well prepared with very impressive employees, Alicia especially! We have family members who will be selling their starter homes very soon and we have already recommended Reliance First Capital and Alicia!




Judy T. - VA

This process was very simple and Julie was great from beginning to end. Thank you.




Rejean D. - TX

After a little miscommunication Justin was able to clarify everything to us, and the rest went smoothly.




Gary B. - NC

Hire as many people as possible who can emulate Kim. Kim did an outstanding job from start to finish. Also, Carolyn did a wonderful job of keeping it simple. This has been somewhat of a surprise on how smooth your team works. I will always remember that for anyone who's looking for help with buying a home.




Michael E. - NC

Cassandra was very pleasant and answered every question with the answers we needed and she made us feel like we were good friends...




Anita M. - TN

William was very kind friendly and knowledgeable. Lisa really cared to make things go as smoothly and quickly as possible.




Lisa B. - IN

Zach was amazing! He responded quickly to any questions I had, and kept me informed during the entire process.




Denise P. - RI

Team work makes the dream work. Donna and her staff were awesome. We had a few hurdles but Donna was very patient and helped us to navigate the system and answered all our questions. She made herself available to us weekdays and weekends. I could not have do one this without her guidance. We were able to close within 30 days.




James L. - NC

The customer service from Sonney was outstanding. See a value rated my need in my home and made it happen thanks again. Customer service is the key, keep doing what you're doing.




Riley S. - TN

Carol was honest, provided several options, and kept me informed consistently.




Thomas H. - PA

Mike Attanasio was our mortgage analyst throughout the loan process. His communication was excellent and he was always there to answer; texts, calls, or emails.




Thomas M. - PA

Rachel was friendly, polite, and patient.




Doyle D. - MD

Professional, efficient, knowledgeable.




Edward B. - AL

Audrey did a good job. Not only did she explain the good she also pointed out the bad. Thank her for everything she did. Hope nothing but the best to her and the family.




Barbara T. - NJ

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. The process was very simple and easy to follow and understand. Enjoyed working with Paul Sorrentino, every step of the way he was very much involved and helpful.




Jennifer C. - NY

It was a great experience. The whole experience was very easy and Stephen worked very well with us! One major reason we stayed on with Reliance First Capital was because of Stephen!




Janice P. - GA

Everyone was great.




Mark J. - NC

Good job.




Carmen V. - MA

Jim was great to work with very professional and knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend Jim to anyone and would definitely work with him again especially when rates go down again.




Brian P. - CT

Determined to get it done. Donna contacted me following an online request for information. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we found ourselves grasping at straws to try to keep our finances in order. While everyone else simply said "no," Donna said "not yet, but we'll get it done." She worked with her team members over a period of months to advise me on what we needed to do in order to be able to refinance. Finally, as Donna said, we got it done. The process from approval to closing was a smooth one. I can't thank Donna enough for all the time and effort she put in to us. It was obvious that we were not just "a file sitting on her desk." Thank you for all your hard work!




Claudia M. - PA

Your teams were great.




Jason C. - MS

Wade was awesome.




Christine W. - NY

Rachel had amazing compassion as we went through the process and was especially patient as I was going through finalizing a divorce. She never hesitated to answer my questions and make sure I felt supported through it all.




Angela M. - AL

LaShonda was FANTASTIC!! She stayed in constant contact with me along the entire process. She is extremely passionate about ensuring that her clients are well informed and have the best options possible. Lynda was very kind and helpful during the closing process.




Gene H. - SC

Outstanding service. Could not have asked for a better experience. Wendi Sample went above and beyond to make this happen.




Mary L. - VA

Alicia listened to me very carefully as to why I had not selected a product since November, when I started this process, and she proceeded to not only meet every single need that I spoke of but exceeded them. She really got it that I had a strategy based on what I was doing in 2024 differently from 2023. I don't even know how much she is going to make possible for me just by this one refi out of however many you guys do every year, but it is the spring and I have been looking for so very long. I hope and pray that my plans come to fruition so she can help me with the real estate transactions that I am dreaming of in the future. I’m going to say something that you all may think is sexist, however, I found it. Alicia treated me very very well and I cannot help but think that that was because one she didn’t underestimate who I was, and two she is also a woman who perhaps has been not given good customer service also in the past. I did not interface with any of the men on your teams however, I will say across the industry I was shocked and angered by the treatment I got. So keep adding those smart women to your ranks and watch your bottom line grow, short and long-term.




Patti N. - PA

I am very pleased with the service I received from Brian Carter very professional explained everything in detail was very patient with me very knowledgeable about his job. I can't say enough about him very pleasant experience and I'm happy I refinanced with Reliance First Capital. Thank you so much for everything.




John M. - RI

Courtney is a life saver!




Thomas T. - VA

Reginald was exceptional and very honest and did an awesome job. I will recommend others to all of you when someone ask for financial needs. All of you did a great job.




Emily C. - NY

Mike Attanasio is the best!!! Mike Attanasio is the best in the business!! My girlfriend and I recently purchased our home and took out a mortgage with reliance First Capital. Mike walked us through the entire process seamlessly. He made it so incredibly easy for us. This was my second time taking out a mortgage… The first time was a nightmare compared to this time and it was all thanks to Mike. I highly recommend Mike Attanasio and the entire Reliance First Capital team!




Marie D. - GA

God is good!! Let me tell you. Corey Is Wonderful. I know GOD put him in my life and I could never be more grateful for him. I am from Haiti before but I live in Georgia now and sometimes my accent makes it not so easy to talk over the phone. People get scammed and you never could be too careful, sometimes some people target others who are not from here. I am very careful, very private, and scared of all this and this is my first home and I never had a mortgage when I first bought it. But Corey called me and I was so MEAN! I thought he was just a stranger trying to sell me something. Nooo I was so wrong! He was so patient and Respectful and didn't try to sell me anything! He just tried to TEACH me! And when I didn't understand, he explained it again differently so I could learn. He was so helpful and he saved me money and got my loan to me with cash. My accent can make me hard to understand but Corey can understand. I got my loan with him 1 year ago and he still takes care of me. I tell my son and everyone I know THE BEST Mortgage Analyst Corey Forsberg.




Josh B. - IN

I highly recommend Thomas Berry.

Jose N. - MA

A true example of a great work ethics. Stephen is a true gentleman! Great great person! Showed genuine interest in my application! I'm extremely satisfied with how the process went! I highly recommend him! Will definitely work with him again!!! Thank you sooo much!!




Madeline S. - NY

Donna and Carolyn have been one of the most consistent, professional, and highly effective and respected lenders I have ever worked with. She is direct and honest but most important very knowledgeable about what she does. She's amazing and I'm glad I had the opportunity and chance to work with her and cuddles to her and magnificent team, thanks 🙏




Lauren Y. - NY

Alyssa was my analyst and walked me through every step of the process. Not only was she knowledgeable and capable, but she was very nice, courteous and made me feel very comfortable. I wish EVERY business dealing I have was as pleasant as my interactions with Alyssa! The process was all very simple and seamless. Thank you to Alyssa and the other representatives who assisted and guided me through this process!




David S. - NC

Cassandra was the first to call. She is efficient, very chirpy and knowledgeable. The energy was a little off-putting at first but learned to love her.




Van S. - MI

Great experience. A very complete, fast, and professional experience. Nicholas is very thorough and pleasant to work with. I can't say enough great things about him. What a gentleman!




Tom A. - GA

You can rely on Corey at Reliance First Capital. In this world we live in today, where trust is questionable and honesty is rare, I have found one who gained my confidence in a few hours and proved his worth in a few days. I sincerely recommend Mr. Corey Gavin Forsberg for all of your financial needs. I found Corey to be helpful, knowledgeable, kind, relatable, and highly skilled in listening. Corey was always available to address any of my concerns and was easy to contact whenever I had any questions. Corey was a stranger to me. Then, he became the person I needed to help me reach my goal. Thank you, Corey! I’ve learned so much from you. No doubt about it! You can rely on Cory at Reliance First Capital. I’m so glad I did.




Tawanda W. - VA

Joseph was awesome. I felt truly at ease and safe dealing with him. This company was the only one to leave a message when I first inquired. Joseph was very professional and very quick to act. He helped me with my financial plan and everything was done in about a month. My contractor couldn't keep up because the financial process went so smooth and fast. Thanks Mr. Peretin of Reliance First Capitol I recommend 100 percent.




Michael D. - NY

Gary thank you for a job well done. We really appreciate your effort and expertise in making our refinance seem so easy.




Dennis F. - SC

I recently had a run in with bad luck and it caused my bills to get behind. I spoke with several companies trying to get a loan to fix the problem. Each time I was told that nothing could be done due to the late payments causing a drop in my credit score and my debt-to-income ratio. There was however one individual who relentlessly kept working to help me, Elizabeth Kilgo. She was absolutely amazing. No matter what obstacle arose, she handled it. We were about a week or so away from closing on the refinance when I received a call informing me that my aunt in Germany had passed away and I would be receiving a check for a large sum. That money paid off the bills and removed all my problems. Naturally I no longer needed to refinance my home, but I actually felt bad about having to tell Elizabeth because of all the work she put in on my loan. But one thing is for sure, should I or anyone I know need a loan, I will not contact anyone other than Elizabeth Kilgo at Reliance. The entire process was stress free and actually quite delightful because of her knowledge and her wonderful disposition. A five-star experience that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Elizabeth.




Julie P. - VA

Completely satisfied. This is our second time with Regan. He really helped us and his approach in how to write down our accounts and what we owe and how much we pay each month was a game changer. We knew we had some value left to take the second mortgage and to finish up some house projects and pay off some debt. We never thought of calling any other mortgage company, we made the call to Regan because we trust him. The whole process was done within 3 weeks. Regan also let me know if he was going to be away from the office, with a contact of who would be able to assist me. I was just glad that Regan was still available when we made the call for advisement.




Jeffery T. - MD

Joseph kept me updated as well as answered any questions I had in a timely manner and was very professional. He made the process almost seamless. Thanks to the whole team!!




Angel V. - NC

Coy was extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. He helped with everything I needed. AWESOME!




Anthony M. - OH

Shawn - clear communication and was able to answer questions in an easy-to-understand manner.




Timothy G. - NY

Andrew was truly fantastic! We sought his advice on our financial needs, and he exceeded our expectations. Andrew made it clear that his top priority was to honor our dignity while offering practical and detailed solutions. I would highly recommend Andrew service simply top notch.




Leslie M. - VA

Alyssa was always upbeat and made you feel like family.




Christopher F. - NC

Everything went smooth and was perfect. Nic was the best. He taught me things I had no clue about.




Dorothy D. - VA

Ndae has always been able to find a financial solution for me whenever I ask her for help. The rest of the staff also helped. The whole department has friendly people.




Cindy S. - GA

Preston was amazing to work with during the loan process. He made it easy, understandable, and quick. I highly recommend Preston and Reliance First Capital. I will definitely be using them again!




Marlene M. - NY

Donna and Kristen were very professional and informative.




Frank C. - SC

Steven was so helpful in coming up with a plan that we could work with. Steve, his manager, also spook with his to assure we were in good hands and any time we could call him, which we did. Lisa, who was our closer helped getting us to the finish line. All the people that helped us at Reliance First Capital get our thanks.




Sabu W. - GA

Kim was very helpful.




Vincent B. - NC

From start to finish Regan made sure we understood the entire process. The communication he had with us was outstanding, and everything went exactly as he said it would. The process was seamless and went very well.




Sarah and Michael S. - TN

Julianna, Michael and I just wanted to thank you for making this such a seamless process. Thank you for your help in assisting us to get our finances straightened out. We appreciate it more than you will ever know.




Curtis J. - NC

Easy process.




Maurine C. - LA

I had many calls and texts from other companies reach out to me, but Nick stood out by his kind and gentle approach. He made me feel valued as a customer. He always returned my calls. When I was nervous or anxious he would explain everything to me. I am so grateful today. Thank you very much Nick, I hope they are paying you well because you are the best. Nick provided excellent service. It took 2 years before the loan was funded, but Nick remained in touch with me and his kindness made only want to fund my loan with Reliance.




Mary G. - ME

Daniel was most helpful and very knowledgeable-his professional yet friendly manner was very reassuring and I felt that he provided me with excellent service-thank you Daniel!




Deborah F. - OH

Erica was the most helpful person I have ever dealt and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a loan period. She is excellent and exceeds all my expectations always, as I have done three loans with her. I couldn't ask for a better person to look out for my needs. She is helpful comma knowledgeable comma professional and personable.




Raquel H. - MA

We worked with Preston with Reliance First Capital who kept us informed about the entire process from beginning to end. Every step of the way he provided detailed information to make this process very smooth. He was very pleasant to work.




George H. - GA

Eric was very helpful, I felt like I was a special client. Kristen was also very helpful with the loan process. I will tell my family and friends what a great experience it was doing business with Reliance First Capital. I was very happy with the current loan process, if any of my family or friends tells me they are thinking about getting a loan I will refer them to your company.




Hermon W. - NC

Nicholas was very helpful in helping me with my application and would always return my calls or emails in a timely manner. Thanks guys, you all were super.




Dennis R. - MS

Jason structured a loan for us that was financially smart. He was there every step of the way and was always a phone call away.




Penny S. - NC

Nicholas was the one who made first contact with me. I had several other companies who called. I wasn't going to answer the phone because I had too many bad experiences. I decided to answer in hopes that this was different. I am so glad I did. Mr. Nicholas was so nice and understanding about my hesitant attitude. He explained how he and the company had helped people in my situation when other companies would not. The one thing I liked is he gave me all his information and challenged me to investigate. That was comforting. He explained the different programs available to us. He was confident that they would help us. My husband was getting discouraged but I was confident that your company would help. In the end you all did and I was very happy with the results. All because Nicholas took the time to hear my concerns. Thank you Nicholas for all your hard work.




Zachariah H. - OH

Yana is the best Mortgage Analyst to work with period. Tell her your situation and she will help find a way to get it done.




Aaron W. - SC

We had a really good originator and he won our business. Good foresight to introduce me to Amanda in case he was out, and he ended up not being with the company midway through the process. Amanda picked up the bill and got us to the finish line. We felt it was a smooth transition and we weren't inconvenienced by it in the slightest.




Dexter J. - AL

It was perfect.




Antoinette W. - AL

Everything was beyond my expectations. Audrey was spectacular. She made everything easy and worry free. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that I know who is looking to purchase a home or refinance one.




John W. - MI

Best experience ever. Steven is knowledgeable, fast, and walks you through the process. He works hard for you to meet your goals like they were his own. Your whole team was excellent, don't have to change anything. Thank you to everybody. The whole team that worked on my mortgage treated me like I was family, kept me updated, and walked me through the whole thing from start to finish.




Timothy S. - NC

This company went above and beyond our expectations. Our Mortgage Analyst Sonney actually cared about our needs and understood what we needed done. Sonney was the best to work with for us.




Judy M. - NC

Terri was amazing and so helpful. I had received so many calls about refinancing and the one I went with was Teresa. She sounded honest and sincere. It was great. Excellent service every step of the way. Teresa went above and beyond assisting me.




Nitza L. - VA

The loan process was perfect and very easy to understand and very quick. John is an outstanding person. He knows the process like the back of his hand. Very courteous and professional. I recommend John for an award. At this moment, I do not have anyone in mind, but if I know in the future that someone wants to refinance or buy a house, I will refer your company.




Daniel Z. - NY

Everything went very smooth. If you are in need of a mortgage, as I was, or some kind of loan, check out Reliance First Capital. I worked with Nicholas Jon Chiapperini. From start to finish, my loan took about 1 month to complete (Get Funded). And that month was smooth sailing, Thanks to my mortgage analyst, Nicholas Jon Chiapperini. He is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to any and all of my needs. Nice Job!




Bruce H. - NH

Philip worked with us to make it all happen, clear straight forward is all areas of the loan process. Philip is outstanding in every way total follow thru in all areas total pleasure to work with.




Bettie B. - KY

Nicholas made every step extremely easy. Nicholas explained everything we needed to know and more.




Linda B. - GA

Thanks to the efforts of Chris this was a flawless experience. Not only was he knowledgeable and willing to put up with ‘less than great' computer skills on my part, but kindly went along with my goofy sense of humor. If the need ever arises for anyone needing financial assistance, Chris is my number one recommendation.




John C. - FL

Rachel Andrew is the best. Rachel understands the complexity of mortgage financing. She respects her client. Shel is goal oriented and when the paperwork details become overwhelming, she is "the light at the end of the tunnel". I have complete confidence in her professional knowledge. I highly recommend Rachel Andrew to anyone seeking a mortgage. This loan closed due to Rachel's professionalism. Thank You Rachel.




William J. - GA

This process was the smoothest and most proficient that I've ever encountered. This is a great team, they made this process smooth and it was easy to get your questions answered. I'll let everyone know who they can go to to get their loans done.




Jeffrey L. - NC

Regan was exceedingly knowledgeable about the goals I wanted to achieve. I had numerous questions that came to mind and I was always comfortable calling Regan. He was always willing to listen and answer my questions. I would say that Regan understood my situation and provided the best services based on my needs. I would rate my overall experience with Regan as exceptional. In essence, I am happy that fate connected with Regan. The gentleman is a class act and exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable. Reliance Capital is very fortunate to have Regan as a team member. Exceptional service- smooth process. I highly recommend Regan as your loan adviser. He is not only an asset to the company, more importantly, to me.




Crystal C. - PA

I have no words, you guys kept me calm through the entire process, it was amazing. Alicia kept me informed during this entire process. Closing day was a breeze they made us feel so comfortable and answered any questions we may have had. Keep doing what you're doing, the entire process was smooth and amazing. Alicia she was very polite and helpful during the intire process she walked us threw step by step and made everything easy for us and not stressful. I would recommend Alicia to anyone I know that is looking to purchase a home.




Rosemarie M. - IN

Matt was extremely exceptional. Beyond belief that anyone could be that great. Love love love it.




Bernard F. - NY

Simply Superb!!! In the beginning I was a little apprehensive in doing the refinance process online until I met Andrew Boico. Andrew explained the entire process and put me at ease. After a while I considered Andrew a family member he went above and beyond to keep me informed. I closed and now I'm debt free.




Rick C. - CO

I had a great experience. We wanted to close quickly and they handled everything within weeks. They responded even more quickly than [another lender]. Sonny did an outstanding job of staying on the project and getting it closed quickly. We signed the purchase agreement and closed on the financing in less than a month. I would recommend Sonny and Reliance First Capital and would work with them again given the opportunity.




Monica K. - VA

Good afternoon Chad! Thanks again for All your help and support in the process of securing the funds, needed to start and finish some of my home projects! You were very empathetic and knowledgeable about my situation and I Thank You. I highly recommend You and Your Company to others for their financial needs. Thank You.




Elizabeth F. - NM

Shawn was great to work with. He checked in on us regularly to make sure we had questions or was having trouble with anything. He was very nice.




Fabricio H. - OH

Perfect! Rachel Andrew from Reliance First Capital was amazing! She helped me with a cash out refinance, educated me about the whole process and worked around my busy schedule! I would recommend them and will be doing business with them in the future! Rachel Andrew from Reliance First Capital was amazing! She helped me with a cash out refinance, educated me about the whole process and worked around my busy schedule! I would recommend them and will be doing business with them in the future!




Kristopher D. - NC

Regan is very knowledgeable and thorough. I didn't get that icky feeling like I do with most lenders. Great team. Very nice people. Shoutout to Regan for all his help.




Michael P. - NC

Regan was awesome.




Albert B. - NY

Mary always kept me in the loop and calmed my nerves. True professional.




Joshua R. - TN

Alex helped through the entire process. Lindsay helped with lots of things from credit card payoffs to the title company and Robert made sure I was never left in the dark if Alex was unavailable. This can be a very frustrating process and I got to say you guys have one of the best I think. Alex was beyond helpful, he went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable with the whole process. This guy was great and kept his calm composure even when I got a little frustrated. He always kept me up to date and made sure to call and check in when there were days just waiting for the process to continue. I feel like I've made a new friend throughout this process.




Deana S. - RI

The best I have ever dealt with! I cannot brag enough about Donna and Reliance First Capital. Donna was completely on top of everything. I heard from her almost every day with updates. My loan did not come without issues and she went above and beyond. She has helped me with more than just my refinance. I definitely recommend her!




Jimmon H. - AL

Audrey made it all happen sometimes when I didn't even see it for myself, I'm glad she came up with the solution to get me back at the closing table.




Betty L. - IN

Alicia made us feel safe in doing this.




Craig W. - VA

Ndae, Lindsay, and Kelly are great professionals who helped me understand situations as they were developing and kept the process moving forward.




Cristi F. - CT

Caley went above and beyond while working with me. I was completely new to this process and had a TON of questions throughout. Caley was always responsive, thorough and explained everything to me in a way that truly made me understand. His manner made this process an absolute pleasure and he always alleviated any and all of my concerns. Moreover, while I initially came to Reliance with a plan to only take a certain amount of money Caley came up with multiple options that specifically fit my needs. I truly cannot say enough about how terrific and exception Caley was throughout the whole process. Thank you Caley and Reliance First Capital!




Darren W. - NC

Great experience. With this company I was skeptical at first, more because I was nervous about the whole process but Kim Skidmore, my representative, was very patient with me and very open about what would happen next and kept me well informed. My process was long, Kim told me that it was because the VA required much more documentation than the regular loan paperwork, but it was all worth it. With every doubt I had Kim reassured me that this was the process, she answered all my questions in a timely manner and always reached out to keep me up to date. I really don't think I would've made it through the whole thing without her. Thank you for such a great and easy experience.




Valery W. - TN

Teresa was very helpful during the whole process, although it took so long to complete it, but she stayed the course.




Gaya W. - MA

Donna and staff worked very hard from start to finish I always felt informed during the entire loan process.




Ada T. - NC

Donna worked very hard in helping us to get a loan. Well done.




Sandra L. - NY

Great experience. Donna was great in helping me with my loan. She walked us through the process and was very patient with us. She is a very smart and sweet lady. I am happy with her service and would recommend.




Sheila L. - SC

Thank you so much for being a great loan officer and a great person. I admire you! Truly appreciate your kindness and help pull us through a rock and a hard place. I will never forget ❤️ u thanks again.








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