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Video Testimonials: reviews from actual Reliance First Capital customers telling of their experience with our firm:

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In addition, any information collected by our mortgage analysts are entered into and kept in our secure password-protected proprietary loan origination system, so you can be sure your information is safe.
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Written Testimonials: reviews from actual Reliance First Capital customers who sent in letters, emails, posted online reviews, and/or completed Funded Loan surveys. Surveys below are listed in chronological order (newest first) as of October 23rd, 2023 (unless otherwise noted). To read more testimonials from our customers click here. Compensation was not paid in exchange for any testimonial on this site.

Erick and Betty P. thank
Austin for his hard work

Betty P., PA

My husband and I are so grateful that we had the pleasure to work with Austin, I have never dealt with a professional person as he was to us. He was so pleasant , guided us through every process, that we needed to complete before the loan would go through, and then get the appraisal done, he was there for every step, we have never had a person like Austin to help us like he did, he worked so hard on our account, even if we had any question after closing during the week, and on weekends he was there, amazing personality. We just wanted to voice our appreciation for Austin Clayton, and to let you all know, what kind of a Mortgage Analyst you have working for you.. My husband and I would defiantly recommend Austin and Reliance First Capital. Again, thank you Austin, you’re the best…

Donna Titone and Tammy Kaur showcase flowers their customer
sent in appreciation for their efforts

Donald S., MA

I would like to express my appreciation for working with Donna Titone as my primary point of contact through my recent refinancing with Reliance First Capital. Donna is a consummate professional who was of great assistance throughout the process. She possesses what I call real-time communications skills and dedication, always available, on-point and very responsive. As with most refinancing processes, there were myriad underwriting demands and information corrections and research items along the way. Despite any administrative challenges, Donna was always straight forward, knowledgeable and focused on a successful outcome. When I became frustrated with multiple underwriting requests and near ready to pull the plug, she was encouraging and assisted in keeping things on track. I would recommend her without reservation to others, and am confident she will build a strong career with your or any organization.


Ritu Sethi and a special thank you sent to her by Yveline in appreciation

Yveline L., MD

Ritu is beyond "EXCEPTIONAL" from the start to finish she exhibits an unprecedented professionalism. She went above and beyond the call of duty. "Your attitude will determine your altitude". She has the A T T I T U D E and there is no scale to measure that. Well done! Keep up the good work.


Dave R. and family in front
of their new home.

Dave R., OH

Thank you @reliancefirstcapital and @azzamhomes for helping us. God blessed us with a great home and opportunity. Carlton and Michelle provided personal care. They both took ownership in their duties. It was a pleasure working with them both. Keep up the great work. Communication is vital.

Jonathan M. - NC

Alyssa is a very professional, courteous, knowledgeable young Lady. She treated me like I was her Family. I had Surgery and she would call just to check on me. She is an Asset to Reliance.




Dawne M. - VA

Alyssa took the best care of me and walked me through each step. I really enjoyed working with her. I truly consider her a friend and look forward to working with her in the future. She is a sweetheart and loves helping others just like myself. Kristin was also a big help! What a great team!




Bruce D. - MA

Donna was very knowledgeable and made the process easy.




Emiliano P. - NY

The entire process was professionally handled. I am excited to be part of this family. Thank you for being there when I needed you...




Allen C. - SC

Very easy to work with and was able to get the most for the best rate. If there was a problem they Would call me right away to get it sorted out.




Kelly C. - MA

Alyssa answered every question I had, at lightning speed. She explained everything in a simple down to earth way that made everything understandable in layman's terms. The process was explained step by step so I always knew what was happening and what was coming up. She was great to work with.




Jasper F. - NC

Everything was perfect. Everything went very smooth and Christine is very professional and it was a pleasure to work with her. Your company is blessed by having a person like her on your staff!!! I don't know of anyone right at this moment but Christine will be who I refer them too. Thanks a bunch Christine!!!




Twon B. - VA

Rachel is the BOMB! She was very patient and Professional. She got me to the finish line with ease. I will definitely recommend her when a friend or family member is in need of a great Mortgage Analyst.




Barbara T. - AL

Oula was the best agent I have done business with. My application and documents were perfect. She is the best.




Kenneth M. - GA

Zachary Holmes provided top notch customer service. He was categorically professional, courteous, trustworthy and ALWAYS kept his word. Zachary went above and beyond to provide stellar customer service to us from the beginning until the loan got funded. Hire more employees like Zachary Holmes. You would congratulate yourself yearly!




Lucy L. - NC

Ryan is the best!!




Rondy H. - NC

Just closed on my refinancing. Was so easy and were the best people to work with. The best loan experience I have had. Would gladly use Reliance First Capital again.




Michle S. - NY

Great company to work with, Brandon and Carolyn were very kind and helpful with the process. I would highly recommend them and Reliance First Capital.




Gary Q. - OH

Geoffrey was terrific from start to finish. He made it smooth and easy and closed sooner than I expected. He was patient and answered all of my questions to put me at ease, he also helped me maximize my VA benefits and switched me from a conventional loan with expensive PMI monthly insurance payments. He accomplished all of my goals as far as paying off high interest debt and cash for home improvement. I was most happy that we did it all and still lowered my monthly payments and received more cash than what was in the original agreement due to his guidance. Overall a great experience and I will definitely make him my first call if I need a loan officer in the future and recommend him to my friends and family. Job well done sir. Reliance First Capital is a top-notch lender. My experience with my loan officer and all others involved in the process made my experience smooth and easy and accomplished all of my goals. They help me maximize my veteran benefits and with their guidance I got better results than I ever expected. First class outfit Bravo!




Kenetta C. - VA

Elizabeth went above and beyond to help us and to provide us with the right mortgage package that suit our needs.




James G. - NY

Excellent. When I know someone refinancing I will let you know!




Canace P. - NC

Alyssa was very personable. Made me feel she actually cared about our situation. Put up with my slowness and forgetfulness. Worked it all out. Thank you!!! Everyone was very nice and helpful and understanding.




Chad C. - TN

Great job guys.




July B. - VA

Regan was very polite, talked with me, emailed everything I needed to know, what I had to sign, how to get in the website, also gave me 3 different options I could go with. Regan is a great person to work with even if it was by phone or emails.




Rebecca W. - TN

Took me by the hand! Rachel Andrew totally walked me through the whole process of refinancing my home. I needed funds from my equity to pay off credit debt and she explained the process and led me through the whole process. She was there pretty much day or night to answer my questions. Very easy to work with. Rachel Andrew was very helpful through the whole process of the refinance of my home. She was very knowledgeable and even though she was reaching her pregnancy due date she assured me that we would close before she went on leave. We did close ahead of that date! She was amazing!




Annarosa C. - MA

Chad was friendly and very helpful.




Wendell B. - OR

I am over satisfied with the mortgage analyst Pooja. Her customer service skills are superior to none. She made my goal attainable. She had the company and customer’s best interest at the forefront throughout the entire process. She deserves big kudos!!!!




Carolyn J. - PA

Phenomenal work ethic. My daughter originally applied for a loan. Unfortunately, she was not approved. However, Chris was able to make sense out of our situation. Chris was proficient through the entire process. He was able to approve my loan and able to satisfy all the needs of the transaction. I could not ask for a better loan officer to assist my needs, his character is undoubtedly, hands-down. Even after funded he checked in to make sure everything was finalized. Thank you, Chris, for all the hard work. We really appreciate you.




Larry W. - MS

Thomas went above and beyond during the process. He would call, text, or email me keeping me informed and always answered my questions.




Wilfredo C. - NY

Very helpful. Paul is very good at everything especially in explaining the entire process easy. Me and my husband are very happy.




Roy D. - IN

Wonderful job. You all did well.




Danita P. - GA

Wendi definitely provided exceptional service. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the process from beginning to the end. I really appreciated her taking the time to go over the closing documents ensuring I understood them. Also very helpful was Anzhela the Mortgage Processor, who was able to keep the process running smoothly throughout. I thank you all for a job well done!!! At this time, I do not have anyone to recommend; however, I will definitely keep this company on hand to refer when someone is looking for a mortgage loan.




Anthony P. - NJ

It was a complete pleasure. I only refinanced twice in my lifetime but working with Steve was the best experience I have ever experienced in refinancing my home. He was intelligent, personable and treated me as if I were a family member. If I would call the office he would pick up or call me back immediately. Congrats to your company for having such an asset to work for you, he is truly a dedicated employee.




Joseph D. - NY

I was quite impressed with the whole process. Thank you so much.




Andrew B. - PA

Andrew was very professional and helpful with explaining though out the loan process. I appreciate the help he gave me. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.




Bruce H. - DE

Cory simply put is the best I have ever worked with. He is an excellent representative for your company. He worked with me on all aspects concerning my refi with VA. People like him are hard to find in today's workforce. First class he is and I will always have him on my radar for future services. Your company needs to go above and beyond for this outstanding representative. I will be recommending him always through my walk of life with people I know and come in contact with. Cory, thank you from the bottom of my heart.




Eva F. - SC

Everyone was professional and helpful. Great service - above and beyond.




Arema B. - FL

Alyssa was great. She was always cheerful. Answered all my questions. She’s wonderful. I almost hung up on her when she called because I was tired of all the wonders calling me but for some reason he was nice and I stayed with her. She provided exceptional service, so did Michael. I tell everyone how great Alyssa was. I even got flowers which was so nice and thoughtful. We got along great. Love you girl anytime you're in Florida stop by.




Nicole J. - GA

Joseph is hands down the best at what he does! Joseph Andriano was the one who helped me through the easy process! Joseph is professional and skilled in his job. He made the whole process seem less. This is after my second time refinancing with Joseph’s assistance. I highly recommend this company!!




Arika S. - OH

Rachel outdid herself! She made the home buying process a piece of cake! She walked me through everything and answered my million questions! Couldn’t thank her enough for the experience! Rachel Andrew was a blessing in disguise! She helped me through the home buying process and made it a piece of cake! Highly recommend!!




Steven M. - GA

Martin was a pleasure to communicate with. This was my first time dealing with a mortgage. I had no idea how many things needed to be done to accomplish this task. Martin guided me through the process by staying in touch daily by phone, text messages and e-mails. He answered my phone calls and e-mails quickly whenever I had questions. I can only hope that anyone who needs financial assistance like I did also gets the guidance and personal attention that Martin showed me.




John S. - RI

Outstanding experience. My name is John, we just closed our refinancing today. We had a complex situation, to say the least, and Courtney said she could help us. Well, she did just that. Courtney was not only knowledgeable, but she also made us feel comfortable knowing she had our backs. Great communication throughout the process and Courtney explained everything we needed to do to get it done. She’s got a great personality and is “sharp as a tack” with her knowledge of the industry. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to finance or refinance.




Moses O. - PA

Donna was fast and quick with the Loan application processing. Gave leading loan processing instructions. Answered all loan processing questions. Returned accurate answers to applicant’s loan inquiries. Facilitated and kept the time for Loan process closing. Made sure that all documents were signed in time.




Ashley C. - AR

I want to share my experience with Carol A. Austin with Reliance First Capital. When I started inquiring about refinancing, I suddenly received numerous calls and couldn’t keep up with who was what company, etc. and eventually just got very overwhelmed. I remember the day Carol called to talk to me about refinancing. Her voice was so calm and reassuring and she seemed so trusting and willing to actually help me. Instead of hanging up on yet another financing company, I ended up on the phone with Carol for a while while she explained my options and ways to actually HELP me that I didn’t even know were possible. She said she was on my side and over the process really turned into a friend, not just another mortgage analyst. Over the course of a month, Carol answered approximately 1,482 questions of mine and returned every call and email. She was with me through every step, just like she told me she would be. This seemingly very complicated process took no time. Within a few weeks of this transaction and us parting ways, I reached back out to Carol to talk about preapproval to purchase another home. She was quick, just as she always has been, and we were approved the very next day. If anyone out there is looking for someone that will explain things on your level, talk to you like a friend, and take the time to find ways to best benefit YOU, please contact Carol A. Austin at Reliance First Capital. I’m so glad I did and will use her for whatever endeavors we have in the future! Thank you, Carol, from the bottom of my heart!




Michelle M. - NC

Alex and all the people involved with helping us went above and beyond.




Dowu T. - NC

Hey Ruth. This is Dowu calling you from Raleigh, NC. I was in Charlotte this weekend. I was hoping I would see you, but there was no way to see you, because my schedule was just too tight. Anyway, this call is to let you know that you are special. You are an incredible lady and you work very, very hard and care about people. What you did in my situation is way beyond the sale. As a result, this call is to thank you again. I know I thanked you before, but this won’t be the last time I am thanking you. I will call you some other time again and thank you again. This is just to let you know that my wife and I are very appreciative of you and what you did and what you do for all of us as well. Okay, have a good vacation and hopefully we will talk to you when you get back from vacation. We love you as well. Bye bye.




Darcy M. - OH

Great experience! Christopher Chounet with Reliance First Capital was extremely helpful with everything! He worked with me for almost a year and had me utilize the free credit coach program which was amazing. My credit improved immensely, which gave me many more options. Chris was very responsive to my many texts and emails and kept me up to date throughout the process. I highly recommend him!




Wanda S. - SC

Have more Mortgage Analysts like James. He was absolutely the most amazing Mortgage Analyst I have ever, in my life, dealt with. He was so patient with me and always answered my questions. There are not enough words to describe this man. I would never have made it through this. I can't put into words what an amazing man he is. He is so very good at his job. Reliance is so very lucky to have him. He went above and beyond his job. He called me to tell me where we were with the loan and l can't Thank this man enough. He helped me with everything I had questions with. Please give him congratulations on an excellent job well done. He was so good to me! I have told my friends about you and what an amazing job your company does for their needs. I will Never find another man as wonderful as James. I can't put into words how much Reliance helped me with James. I can't say enough about James and what he did for me. All I can say is that James is an amazing man. I will never forget how much he helped me. I enjoyed working with you and my friends will call you when they need your help. Reliance has helped me more than words can explain. Again, thank you and thank you James Palmieri.




Donna M. - MD

Joseph was thorough and tenacious. We had to overcome slow moving lawyers and Trustee offices, he personally stepped in and dealt with the lawyers office to get things moving. This was the only company that was knowledgeable to navigate a refinance while in a bankruptcy. We tried with other companies and they were unable.




Sheila B. - TN

Rachel was on top of all requests and provided us with the information for me to gather what we needed. The staff helping her were always helpful and pilot and got us through the process of closing with our bank selling in the midst of all the items we needed to provide. Very grateful for their help. Rachel Andrews was a great help and got us through the refinance of our home without issue.




Jason H. - TN

Sidd was amazing, made sure to stay in contact every step even when it came to late night calls because I don’t get off work till late sometimes but Sid made sure to be around whenever we needed him. Definitely coming back to you for this process in the future




James S. - AL

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Michael Attanasio, my recent Mortgage Analyst. Michael was amazing to work with. He truly understood the meaning of customer service. He stayed in contact with me throughout every step and explained every step of our refinancing of our home. I could not ask for a better person to work with. A couple of months ago we decided to try refinancing our home to see if it would be worth it. I was getting multiple calls and to be honest, I was getting quite annoyed by the number of calls that I was receiving. I had to admit that I was rough with Michael, because I thought he was like the others. Mike recognized my frustration and he was very patient. I felt that he really cared about our situation. He had excellent ability to handle the process smoothly and he was very efficient in finishing the refinance of our home. I would recommend him and use his services if needed in the future.




Beverly G. - AL

The process went smoothly through the closing. I was pleased with how quickly everything went.




Stephen E. - VA

Henry and his processor were amazing through this process explaining what they needed in detail. They worked with me until this loan was closed. We had a lot of hiccups with this loan but thank you to Henry and his team, those hiccups were tolerable. I will be using Reliance First Capital as well as Henry whenever I hear someone speak of needing their services.




Joseph E. - NC

Leslie was so very helpful during the course of our refinance. She stayed right on top of everything. She made sure we understood everything. Very informative. If I hear of anyone that wants to refinance we will definitely give them Leslie's number. Her service was superior! We can't thank her enough.




Claudia A. - OH

Yana and Marta were available, caring and very helpful.




Anne W. - NY

Hire more people like Matthew. He is not only knowledgeable, he is patient and goes the extra step to explain. Matt's explanation was detailed and easy to understand.




Frances R. - MA

Jim was very patient, helpful, professional, and very kind too.




Khalilah H. - AL

Audrey was the BEST loan officer I could’ve asked for. She made the process seamless and even when things were happening that were out of our control, she stuck with us and got us to the closing table! She made sure I was well informed, explained everything thoroughly, assisted my family in every step of the way. I would recommend Audrey to anyone who needs assistance with their home buying. Reliance First Capital is an awesome lender and I would recommend them to everyone I know. Anyone who ever needs to purchase a home that I know, I will ALWAYS be recommending Audrey Morrell with Reliance First Capital. She is amazing at what she does and if I could purchase a home again, I would use her services each and every time!




Terri G. - NY

A very good experience with my mortgage advisor. The entire process was lengthy and at times frustrating, but my Mortgage Analyst was excellent. She was very patient, empathetic and helpful. In the end we were able to refinance our home for improvements and pay off our debt.




Lea G. - NC

I have worked with Jamie several times over the last 5 years. She has honestly become a trusted friend and resource. She is always responsive, courteous and straightforward. I have recommended her to several friends and family members. If you are looking for someone that will help you navigate the homebuying process, I recommend you reaching out to Jamie to guide you through this complicated process.




Thomas J. - MI

Very easy process. The whole process was a good experience, fast and any questions I had were explained in complete detail.




Thomas S. - AR

Francis was amazing from start to finish I highly recommend him.




Kolleen K. - NY

Stephen is THEE BEST! I refinanced with Reliance First Capital. I feel extremely lucky that Stephen was there for me. He really guided me through the process and he is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. I was very comfortable working with Stephen. He even called me on the weekend to give me an update. Very professional, caring, sincere! Will absolutely work with Reliance and Stephen again!




Ted M. - CT

Great experience. I made Stephen work very hard for me, he is the best. He is very professional and patient, he came up with more than one option to try to meet my needs in refinancing my mortgage. I am computer illiterate, so he took the time to walk me through all the forms I needed to fill out. In order to be able to refinance my old mortgage and get me a lower rate and cut 8 years off of my old mortgage saving me over $100,000 in interest, I also paid off a personal loan, and increased the equity in my house by $80,000 dollars, with my old mortgage I was still paying a PMI with very little equity in the house. I would highly recommend Stephen Sasso at Reliance First Capital for any of your mortgage needs. Thank You Stephen for a job well done.




Arlene O. - CT

Great Experience! I had a very excellent experience working with Stephen Sasso because he's very helpful, professional, and pleasant.




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