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Written Testimonials: reviews from actual Reliance First Capital customers who sent in letters, emails, posted online reviews, and/or completed Funded Loan surveys. Surveys below are listed in chronological order (newest first) as of September 30th, 2022 (unless otherwise noted). To read more testimonials from our customers click here. Compensation was not paid in exchange for any testimonial on this site.

Erick and Betty P. thank
Austin for his hard work

Betty P., PA

My husband and I are so grateful that we had the pleasure to work with Austin, I have never dealt with a professional person as he was to us. He was so pleasant , guided us through every process, that we needed to complete before the loan would go through, and then get the appraisal done, he was there for every step, we have never had a person like Austin to help us like he did, he worked so hard on our account, even if we had any question after closing during the week, and on weekends he was there, amazing personality. We just wanted to voice our appreciation for Austin Clayton, and to let you all know, what kind of a Mortgage Analyst you have working for you.. My husband and I would defiantly recommend Austin and Reliance First Capital. Again, thank you Austin, you’re the best…

Donna Titone and Tammy Kaur showcase flowers their customer
sent in appreciation for their efforts

Donald S., MA

I would like to express my appreciation for working with Donna Titone as my primary point of contact through my recent refinancing with Reliance First Capital. Donna is a consummate professional who was of great assistance throughout the process. She possesses what I call real-time communications skills and dedication, always available, on-point and very responsive. As with most refinancing processes, there were myriad underwriting demands and information corrections and research items along the way. Despite any administrative challenges, Donna was always straight forward, knowledgeable and focused on a successful outcome. When I became frustrated with multiple underwriting requests and near ready to pull the plug, she was encouraging and assisted in keeping things on track. I would recommend her without reservation to others, and am confident she will build a strong career with your or any organization.


Ritu Sethi and a special thank you sent to her by Yveline in appreciation

Yveline L., MD

Ritu is beyond "EXCEPTIONAL" from the start to finish she exhibits an unprecedented professionalism. She went above and beyond the call of duty. "Your attitude will determine your altitude". She has the A T T I T U D E and there is no scale to measure that. Well done! Keep up the good work.


Dave R. and family in front
of their new home.

Dave R., OH

Thank you @reliancefirstcapital and @azzamhomes for helping us. God blessed us with a great home and opportunity. Carlton and Michelle provided personal care. They both took ownership in their duties. It was a pleasure working with them both. Keep up the great work. Communication is vital.

Jason P. - TX

Jacqueline Shumny Andrews did an amazing job helping with our refinance!




Randy S. - GA

While his knowledge of banking stood out so did his personality which when combined made for an excellent customer service experience. He made sure that the loan was the best one that fit my needs for today and for years to come. I could tell by his voice that he was a younger man than myself but he spoke with the wisdom of the generation yet to come. The guidance provided made the experience very helpful. While his knowledge of banking stood out so did his personality which when combined made for an excellent customer service experience.




Michelle F. - NY

Andrew was right on top of everything which made my refinance completely seamless. He was a dream to work with and I would highly recommend him in the future to any of my family and friends.




Julice T. - SC

Bryan Carter was a joy to work with, giving me every opportunity to succeed in this process. If you need a professional to walk you through the process he is the man. Bryan Carter has a responsibility to serve the client and he does it well. He never forgets the small details.




Michelle J. - OH

Marta took the time over the phone and in written communication to explain my loan and exactly what was required of me to allow this process to move along smoothly and quickly. Svetlana also assisted in keeping me updated on all outstanding items as they were needed and then followed up to confirm receipt. I changed to Reliance First Capital after already starting the process with another lender and I am so glad that I did! From my first conversation with Yana, I felt confident that I made a good decision making this change. Thank you for your service!




August D. - NY

Stephen Sasso, after your first contact with him you will know that he understands your wants and needs and will provide you them. Very good financial decision. Your employees, specifically Steven Sasso, are vert knowlrgablr, helpful and personable. Your company was excellent. I have and will continue to recommend Stevrn Sasso, Reliance Capital for lowest rates and honest and carring service. I made it more difficult by changing loan amount 3 or 4 times and asking more and then more questions. Steve answered all questions and then provided additional alternative information not requested but was very beneficial and more than greatly appreciated. I spoke with 11 ffinanccial companies 6 of them accessed my credit records. and 5 offered me various types of loans. I sent 1 place $500 for an appraisal. I received a call from Steven Sasso from Reliance first capital and after explaining I already spent $500 on appraisal woth another lender he aked if I wanted to discuss another offer and he would accept the survey afrer the other place received it. Well due to his professionalism, vast knowlege of mortgage and personal loans, along with his kind caring and pleasant personality I fortuntunaly accepted to discuss another loan oppurtunity. (I received money back from the cancelled appraisal which was not needed because the other lender was unaware how to structure the loan to go conventional instead of fha saving us having to pay PMI ) Mr Sasso spent many appreciated hours reveiwing several different types of loans. I saved thousands of dollars annually.. Reliance was appoximatly $130 a month less than the other companies on top of not having PMI. Your only hurting yourself if you dont consider different offers. I'm telling you because I know from my experience and I think Mr Sasso from Reliance would be a smart choice. Steve Sasso saved us so much money that after 34 years of marriage (only 2 vacations honeymoon and Disneyland) he showed us how ro get cash back enough to go to Hawaii and still pay off our mortgage, car loan and all our credit debts. If that isn't the best ever I can't tell you any other reason to give Steve Sasso,with Relance a chance to give you the best loan.




Patrick J. - TX

Awesome. Sean was very personable and thorough. He kept me updated throughout the process and communicated very effectively. Sean did his due diligence to ensure the loan closed ahead of schedule. Great customer service and I would definitely recommend Sean for future needs.




Tom C. - PA

Preston did an awesome job handling our loan process. Daily check-ins, very personalized approach. Never experience this type of service from a lender in the past. Very easy process with the amount of interaction with Preston. I will be coming back.




Michael P. - ME

Matt kept us informed, responsive. Morgan was helpful and very friendly.




Elizabeth M. - NY

Andrew's professional attitude and ethical manner supported my decision to refinance with Reliance First Capital.




Tonya G. - PA

Bridget McCreight was very responsive and pleasant to work with. She kept me informed of the process every step of the way.




Rnald L. - MA

Stephen was very personable, knowledgeable and helpful. He seems like a great guy and it was a pleasure doing business with him.




Russell P. - OH

Carol Austin, what more could you ask for from start to finish. Angels are sometimes the best looking out for your needs.




Nancy J. - NC

Christian Davis, very informative, polite, and willing to assist in any way to assure me. Thank you!!!




Paula S. - TN

Sheranda kept me informed every step of the way and told me what to expect. Angi assisted Sheranda in keeping me updated. Kind and Polite Service! Quick and you don't fool around.




Asha P. - NC

Good experience. The entire process was fairly quick and met our needs. Paul was amazing, he stayed in touch and was very knowledgeable.




Brandi R. - MI

Fast and easy loan! Bridget was quick and helpful on everything during the loan process. Replies were instant, easy to understand and the process was smooth. Bridget was courteous, friendly, professional, and so helpful. This was record closing! Easy and fast!




Matthew R. - FL

The process was thorough and expeditious. The few changes that we encountered during the refi were managed quickly and correctly. Communication was constant throughout and terms were clear.




Amy M. - MA

Great Experience for a tough situation. I was hesitant to further my refi exploration after being relentlessly contacted and then turned down because I am fairly new to being self employed. Andrew not only valued my time but he present options to me during the process when I hit a snag that I thought for sure would not allow me to finish the process. He found a solution and thought outside the box so I could get this done and get out from a mortgage that was less than easy to deal with. Five stars all the way!




James L. - ME

All in all the loan process went smoothly. The electronic document system seems to send you an separate email for every document. The title company they used still issues paper checks made out to my creditors which they had to mail to me so I could mail them to my creditors.




William D. - VA

Leslie was wondering to work with during this whole process. She is knowledgeable and always was there to answer any questions I may have had. Great job Leslie. I have no suggestions for improvement. Leslie was great to work with and kept me informed during the whole process. Great to work with her.




Carol C. - TN

John was amazing to work with.




Geralda B. - LA

Rose was very excellent throughout my loan process. Very professional and helpful with all details. Been in contact with me since January and followed up with my every need!




Laura S. - MA

James was amazing! If there was another option better than "strongly agree" I would have selected that. The entire process was quick, smooth, and professional. James kept in touch throughout the entire thing and we truly appreciate him!




Philip S. - VA

Kevin was my Mortgage Analyst, and he did an exceptional job throughout the process. The process was well thought out and was smooth from start to finish.




Juan M. - DE

Corey Gavin Forsberg-mortgage analyst and 1st point of contact. Did an excellent job, keeping me informed, returning all my calls and helping me understand the process. Carolyn really put me at ease during the underwriting process. Explaining exactly what was needed and ensuring that the process went smoothly. Two very nice people.




Prudy S. - PA

My initial contact at Reliance First Capital was Lisa Podorson, who began gathering information from us to process our mortgage. Even though we were in a great financial position, many documents were required and was sometimes confusing. Lisa was my "go to" person throughout the process. Even though three others were involved in various steps of the application, she was able to answer all of my questions and clarify where we were in the process at any given time. I was never made to feel that any of my questions were nonsense. She was very patient. We closed on our home while out-of-state on vacation. The whole process went smoothly, thanks to Lisa and the rest of the team.




Jessica A. - PA

Great experience overall. Very personable, communicative and helpful! Paul and his team did a great job and I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking!




Jayne M. - TN

Brian was my Mortgage Analyst and he explained what was needed and was extremely helpful. He made me feel comfortable and never pressured. Jennifer also helped with moving things along quickly and she obviously did a good job. Thank you.




John D. - NY

My mortgage specialist Lance was extremely helpful in my home refinance there was a few hiccups but we were able to take care of them quickly thank you Lance and all at Reliance First Capital would recommend this company when rates start going back down.




Luis L. - NY

From start to finish the process was very easy going! My mortgage Analyst was very patient, knowledgeable and explained everything in detail! Making it very easy to understand! I highly recommended anyone who is planning on refinancing to check out Reliance First Capital!! 5 Stars without a doubt!!




Cynthia K. - GA

Wonderful experience. The process was easy and whatever was confusing was thoroughly explained to me by Ritu, who was knowledgeable and accessible.




Angelique J. - OH

Regina was excellent to work with!




Tammy C. - SC

Mark Reed was an exceptional man during our process. He always made me feel like he wanted to help me and never made me feel he was doing me a favor with negative comments. He was awesome. We needed this refi and was very very hesitant to do it. He knew and really helped explain why and what it could do for us. He was awesome. I had a very good experience with your company and would recommend you to anyone trying to buy or refinance.




Amanda C. - IN

Akim has helped me three times now with refis, he's a rock star. He’s on top of it and gets things done that need doing. Two thumbs up. When he had some personal time he needed to take, Matthew stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Stellar team.




David M. - FL

Awesome job.




Cathy B. - NC

Andrew was so easy to work with. From start to finish Andrew was amazing to work with. He made the process as easy as possible. We would use Andrew again in a heartbeat.




Sherry F. - AR

Carol Ann Austin and Jennifer Barnette both handled everything well!




Christopher Z. - NY

Excellent experience. Our loan officer was detailed and organized, provided a clear schedule of how the items would progress was able to coordinate with their internal staff the most effectively process our refi.




Steve G. - KS

Nicole was amazing to work with she always was prompt and courteous and made the process a breeze!




Jennifer H. - FL

I felt very well taken care of. Top notch. This process was something that I was not sure would end up happening. However, Andrew was invested from the start and I always felt as if he had my best interests in mind. He was accessible and always willing to clarify and make sure I was comfortable with each step. I would recommend his services anytime! Andrew, Carolyn, and Kristen all were in constant contact and always took the time to help and explain. Everything was great.




Theresa L. - MI

I loved working with Rachel Hitt she was very professional and kept me updated each step of the way. She was very patient when I asked her a million questions over and over, she also had a sense of humor and made me smile alot. I recommend Rachel Hitt 100% if your looking for a mortgage or refinance.




Adam G. - MA

Worked with Rachel Andrew, simply put she’s awesome always available and informed. Have worked with her on a refinance and a new home purchase. I highly recommend working with her! Rachel Andrew & Regina Rupnik were exceptional. They were always available, kind and helpful. I can’t say enough nice things about them.




Alexander R. - NY

Everyone in the process provided great customer service. I can't say enough thank you(s) to Cassandra for her guidance, along with her team. I'm grateful and much appreciated for the service provided. I will be in touch in the near future and after all the transactions have been processed. The best to all! I’m grateful for all of your assistance. Thank you!




Hinda M. - NJ

Mike at reliance mtge refinance was the most patient mortgage broker I have ever spoken to. he did this with a senior who knows very little about the computer. I would use him again and recommend him to all my family and friends. He made me feel as if I was family.




Joseph B. - VA

Rachel Andrew's from Reliance First Capital made our refinance easy and exciting at the same time. I will use her again in about five years without hesitation. My wife and I loved working with her. She's outstanding.




Louise B. - NC

Wendi is super helpful, and helped me achieve financial independenc.e Wendi did all the work. She shopped around for multiple options, and we were able to find a solution that kept the most money in my pocket. She is top notch!




Ernestine E. - AL

Leslie, Michael, Raina treated me as if I was FAMILY, they took me step by step and didn't leave until l got the full understanding.




Julio A. - NY

Everything was perfect. Donna was excellent in executing my refinance loan she was there every step of the way she would let me know every time i had to review papers and sign she was very helpful and knowledgeable she made this process very easy, thank you Donna.




Sara H. - NY

Donna stayed on top of all the refinance loan details and kept us informed. We finally refinanced our mortgage and worked with Donna. She made sure we had all of the cash flow needed to finance a major home remodel. She gave us options, kept us informed, ensured we locked into a good rate. She made a normally stressful situation seamless and was so responsive! We highly recommend working with Donna. We'll contact her again for our next project, for sure!




William S. - TN

Rachel did an excellent job of finding a solution for refinancing. Rachel Andrews went above and beyond to help me refinance my home. I was completely satisfied with the process and her ability to navigate thru the obstacles.




Gene S. - NC

Clourtney is fantastic! She's knowledgeable, friendly and supportive and works hard with you to get everything you need for your mortgage (for me, a refinance), reviewed, signed and delivered. I can highly recommend Courtney and Reliance First for any financial needs.




Yelena G. - OH

It was very smooth process. First time in my 60+ year I had this process stress free! Thank you Yana for excellent service! I will recommend you to all my friends and family!!!




Val J. - OH

Janna Nersesov was great to work with. She quickly answered all my questions and helped us to have a smooth transaction!!




George A. - VA

Very helpful, awesome to work with. No complaints at all.




Todd L. - GA

Nice overall experience. Really nice and painless process. Wendi was truly diligent, helpful, knowledgeable and caring for our mortgage needs. Recommended different approaches towards our loan needs and explained each of them in full so we could decide on what was best for us.